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May 28, 2008 08:52 AM

Daddyo's (Spadina): Opinions?

I live right around the corner from this place, but never thought of it as anything other than a studenty-canned sauce-overcooked pasta-jug of beer-joint. Then I saw a reference to it here as a decent source of made-to-order pasta dishes and last night noticed they were touting their homemade soup. Is Daddy's worth a try?

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  1. Yeah, I just went tonight, and it was quite good! :) We had just moved into the area, and I had spotted it when I went out walking today.. so thought let's try it tonight. It's quite a local place. The owner's name is Jeffrey, and he seems to know all the locals around too. Very friendly guy. Food is good too.. can't seem to find an online menu. But basically, very vegetarian friendly. They separate their pastas into sauces - reds, whites and oils. Each sauce has a plain, veggie, chicken and seafood option. Well, kinda, the oils didnt really have a seafood option, .. nor did the white. But anyway, you get my drift. Good thing is that you could even add on the chicken, or the extra veggie, or the seafood/shrimp for a very nominal price as well.. like, more veggies is only $0.99, and seafood is something like $2.99.. so you could add that onto a plain pasta if you'd like. Another good thing is that they serve half portions as well.. so if you're not that hungry, you dont have to get stuck with a lot of food. Pint of beer is also at a bargain of $5, tax included.

    Now, quality wise. Prices were very reasonable. You actually go up to the counter and order food, pay for food, then they bring you food course by course. It's great like that, I didnt mind that at all. But the tasting was off though. We ordered a caprese.. but there was no trace of balsamic at all.. (it was advertised as having balsamic dressing). My partner's pesto pasta had very little pesto in it.. I had the seafood in red sauce.. and the tomato sauce was amazingly sweet. Not too too sweet, but I've never had it like that before. Other than that, I think that it's value for money, hands down. As my SO explained it, at those prices, you could really just go into a diner to get food, .. but they're bringing fine dining options to low prices.. so, it's a nice option for us to have. It's close by to us too. We both gave it a 8 out of 10, given the prices.

    1. It has improved quite a bit since they first opened, when everything they served was doused in grease. I definitely wouldn't call it "fine dining," though it's a fine place to grab a quick lunch. The selection is reasonable, although I think they suffer from offering too much and being unable to do it all really well, as it's such a small place. The food is a bit overpriced for the quality and quantity. As for pints, last I was there they only offered Heinekin, although a $5 pint is certainly a good deal. It's never my first choice for food, but when I need some variety in my lunches, it's nice to have around.

      1. I've developed what I like and dislike at Daddyo's. I'll share:
        Likes: tomato-based sauces, seafood is good. Arrabiata is SPICY, beware. $5 pint of beer.
        Dislikes: the tex-mex lasagna. TOO STRONG... it's like they added double the taco seasoning or something ... no thank you. :)