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May 28, 2008 08:41 AM

El Bulli Current Prices?

Does anybody know what the current price per person for dinner or lunch is at El Bulli? Just curious to see whether it's gone up.

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  1. 210 for the tasting menu, plus whatever you drink.

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    1. re: SillyDisciple

      My understanding of El Bulli is that there is an official date to apply for a reservation to dine there. Do you know how they select people? It is entirely based on connections--who you know, who can make phone calls on your behalf, etc.--or is it also based on other criteria as well--occupation, nationality, shoe size? ;-)

      1. re: mielimato

        both, as well as star alignment, tide level, number of white birds flying over Ferran Adria's head that day, etc :)