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May 28, 2008 08:02 AM

Lunch in Triangle Area

I have a friend coming up from Florida next weekend. We are going to make a day trip into the Triangle for Southern Season, Trader Joes, Vietri Outlet, etc. Any suggestions on a place for lunch? I'm looking for something laid back - with a NC feel.

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  1. While I have a particular pref for Durham eateries, since you're going to be there, I've got to say that the Weathervane at Southern Season does pretty well for itself. I've always had lovely lunches there, with a definitive "classic" southern feel

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      1. Allen & Sons BBQ is within range & something she can't really find in Fl. Also, a little further away is Watts Grocery. Excellent local focus. You aren't rushed but it does get hopping during prime meal times. For a sweets treat go to Loco Pops!

        1. I'm a fan of the Carolina Crossroads restaurant in the Carolina Inn in Chapel Hill:

          Nice lunch menu, an old-time feel, and good prices right on the UNC campus. Not stuffy or crowded for weekend lunch. We end up there a lot. Fridays on the Porch there is fun at 5:00 on Fridays for bluegrass, beer, and food.

          Weathervane at Southern Season is great too (ask for an outside table if the weather is good - it's a completely different experience from inside), as is the Washington Duke Inn in Durham (on the Duke campus) for outside lunch dining on the golf course (the food isn't as southern, but the setting is really nice). If you're up for a pleasant drive to Snow Camp, Ye Olde Country Kitchen is good and old-timey.

          For barbeque, I like Backyard Barbecue and Q-Shack in Durham.