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May 28, 2008 07:40 AM

I have a gift card for Legal's and...

I'm wondering which one to go to (Boston/Cambridge locations only)?

I swear at some point, I've read on this board which outlet(s) of Legal's was recommended but all I can find via searching the board are folks suggesting alternatives to Legal's, the history of how Legal's used to be great, etc...

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  1. Based upon atmosphere alone, I'd suggest the Legal's at the Charles Hotel in Cambridge. You can sit out on the patio and enjoy the excellent weather this week. Avoid the fish and chips, but do check out the wine flights -- three small tastes of wine with tasting notes.

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      I like this one and the Chestnut Hill one, too. I've had the best experiences (of all my experiences at Legal's) at both.

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        Was just there at the patio today - it was FREEZING with that wind. Had some great oysters (Wellfleet, Kunamoto and a third one I can't remember but they were huge) along with some Sam Adam's Summer Ale. Was so cold, ended up at Charlies Kitchen for a double bleu 'n bacon burger.

      2. I like the one near the Aquarium best, Harvard Square second. I've never been happy at the MIT location. Personally, I'd go for brunch - their popovers are excellent.

        1. I've had good oysters and chowder at the Park Plaza location, but I'm curious to know more about the LS near the Aquarium.

          Since you have a choice, I would stay away from the malls. The crab cakes for lunch can be good if you wind up there.

          1. MIT location sucks. Avoid!! Their service at lunch is like molasses. It's been a while since I last dined there (when not forced to go for corporate lunches), but the best location aesthetically is definitely the one at the Aquarium. I've had decent food at the one at Park Plaza. The one at the Pru I dined in when they first opened, and I recall not being overly impressed.

            1. Chestnut Hill is excellent and they cater to the community. People are too hard on Legal Seafoods. I was raised on it and I still love it and will always love it. The sole in lemon caper sauce is delicious. Raw bar is always great and the service for me has always been warm and inviting.

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                Agree with macadamia completely. If possible, go to CHestnut Hill. Mak a reservation as it is always totally packed. The sole in lemon caper sauce is excellent. The mixed greens with tomato balsamic vinaigrette and crumbled blue cheeses is excellent. The oysters are fresh and briny and cold. The wine list is excellent and reaonably priced. Love the Rhode Island style calamari with hot peppers. If you can;t make it to Chestnut HIll go to the Aquariaum location.