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May 28, 2008 07:33 AM

Dinner in Richmond

So the in-laws loved Bookbinders Grill last time they visited (their first trip to Richmond) - where should we try next? Here are some preferences: non-smoking if at all possible, good california white wines, decor counts, most likely to order something like lamb or pork, not into adventurous or spicey (how sad for them). Would love any ideas! Thank you!

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  1. I'm not into California Whites, but the places that come immediately are Chez Max on Patterson (thought they will have mostly French wines on the list) or Flemings Prime Steakhouse and Wine Bar. It's an upscale chain (much like Morton's or Ruth's Chris)..good steak, seafood, pork, lamb and chicken with 100 wines by the glass and offering "wine flights" of tastings.

    1. daggone it - where do we go in our town?
      just came home from my first visit to One N belmont; sort of a carriacture of all that we pretend in a French style restaurant. I don't know where to begin - there were only three tables - we arrived at 7:20, our entree came at 8:45; good entree really, but I felt a "muse moi" by then. Anyway, the wine list starts at $50 (that's tops for a real Frenchman!) when we ate at Daniels in NYC, our wine choices (1/2 wh bottle and a red) were $100. I'm weary - where can we go for elegance, ambiance AND gourmet food in our town?!! Don't like Sensi - chrome and cold; Pomegrante was soo slow with only average food; my b'day is coming up with no idea where to go.

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        I haven't been a fan of One N Belmont since Scott left several years ago. I adore Sensi and don't find it cold at all and has some of the best food and service in Richmond.

        For elegance and great food in Richmond, I recommend Lemaire at The Jefferson Hotel. Had a super-fabulous meal there for my husband's birthday on May 17.

        1. re: Janet from Richmond

          Janet, I'll take you up on the recommendation for Lemaire on my b'day June 14th - and I'll give Sensi another go in the next several weeks.
          I want to be pampered and nicely fed; don't want to feel gouged. Perhaps the sterile feeling I felt at Sensi was the company that night -

          1. re: pollychowing

            You will definitely feel pampered at Lemaire :-)

            1. re: Janet from Richmond

              Has anyone else heard that Lemaire is planning to renovate & remake themselves so that they're at a slightly lower price-point -- they want to be your everyday place as well as your special occasion place. I actually like it as a special occasion place and am not sure they would do better turning it into a more inexpensive place where there is more competition.

              1. re: froggyhumi

                Yes....we asked about it at dinner and they are planning to close in January.

                1. re: Janet from Richmond

                  What about T.J's? Isn't that supposed to be the grill style, come as you are place like most everyone else? Seems like they should preserve the exclusivness that goes along with a four star hotel.

                  1. re: pollychowing

                    I've only has drinks at TJ's but yes it's more casual then Lemaire. They were pretty cryptic on what Lemaire (or that space) would be like post-renovation.

            2. re: pollychowing

              Haven't done Lemaire but I definitely didn't feel Sensi was cold. And CHez Max isn't at all. I've only had apps at the bar but it had it's own elegance in my book. I've actually had fabulous service at Patina but also average. Good luck. Hope you (and the OP) find a fabulous meal.