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spot for a drink near the common

Hello all,

I'm looking for a fun place to grab a drink near the movie theatre on the common. We'd like to go somewhere kind of swanky, any ideas?

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  1. No. 9 park, bristol lounge at the four seasons, jer ne (old ritz) which is pretty much adjacent to the theatre on avery st). maybe excelsior.

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      Jerne is the new Ritz just to clarify. Also Teatro and Ivy but the others mentioned are swankier.

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        sorry about that. i meant new ritz. i swear :)

      1. Depending on your style- Gypsy Bar and Excelsior are also right there on Boylston near the theatre

        1. Teatro on Tremont Street about 10 yards from the movie theater was the first thing that came to mind.

          1. Besides Jerne at the Ritz and Teatro, you might go upstairs to Blu at the LA Sports Club which has a great bar and killer apps. Not inexpensive but no more so than Jerne and it has a good size bar with a view, albeit a view of the Combat Zone, I mean Downtown Crossing or the "ladder district..."

            1. There's also Troquet..just up the street n Boylston.

              Teatro is closest but can get crowded.

              1. I like Teatro, but its bar is terrible: bad wine, lousy cocktails. A shame, since it's a pretty room, right next door, and the food is good. For pre-movie drinks, I generally hit Jer-Ne in the Ritz, which is pricey, but at least the bartenders know how to make a drink. The bar at No. 9 Park is on the other side of the Common, but it's really something special for cocktails, one of the two best places on this side of the river (Eastern Standard being the other). Cool old-time atmosphere and solid bartending at Locke-Ober. Bristol Lounge is good, but service is generally very leisurely. Avila isn't too far, has decent fancy cocktails, and is rarely crowded. The bar at Via Matta is kind of scene-y and decent as well.

                1. Nothing says swanky like The Tam.

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                  1. While a bit further away, the bar at the "old Ritz" now the Taj is a nice place for a drink, especially if you can get a window seat. I always liked the bar at the Fed in XV Beacon, too, but I assume that has been remodeled along with the restaurant and have no idea what it is like now.

                    1. Thanks for all the suggestions, we ended up going to Excelsior. We got the calamari and onion rings small plate and the plate of sweets from the dessert menu, both of which were great. The onion rings were particularly good, as they were thinly sliced pieces of onion and not overly fried. For drinks we got ginger cosmos, gin and tonic martinis (disappointing, and I LOVE g&t's) and the lemon crush martini--the ginger cosmo was fantastic, I'd definitely get it again. Overall we had a great time, so thanks again for the ideas!

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                        I've had that exact combo, and in the evening when the apps are $5-7. They fry the rings and calamari perfectly and I love ginger anything. Need to go back.