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May 28, 2008 07:19 AM


We often stay in the Kitsilano and West Broadway area when travelling to Vancouver. What is your favourite restaurant both inexpensive and pricey in that area and your favourite meal at that restaurant? Thank you.

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  1. Try the following

    Octopus' Garden (splurge for the omakase)
    Sai Z

    Bishop's (it's been a while, but classic West Coast localvore fare)
    Fuel (Fried Chicken!)
    Gastropod (The duck - however they are doing it)
    Hapa - the table seared saba. the kobacha dip
    Akbar's Own (Kashmiri Indian - the curries and kebabs, great naan)
    Rangoli (and Vij's) - Rangoli's Takeout

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    1. re: fmed

      Thank you -- we haven't tried any of those.

      1. re: jkb13

        You might also want to check out Zakkushi on 4th just west of Burrard. It is an izakaya like Hapa but with a different vibe. They have a great selection of things on sticks :-). The room is very petite but nicely appointed, and has both communal and non tables. I also just found out that they are back to taking resos again which is great. We were there last week and had a delightful meal with great service and delicious food.

        1833 W 4th Ave, Gary, IN 46404

        1. re: grayelf

          Thank you grayelf. I will keep all of these references and now have some new places to think about for the future! :)

        1. re: yen

          The restaurants we have tried in this area and enjoyed are The Banana Leaf; Margueritas, Tangs Noodle House (for lunch only -- really cheap and never a disappointment in 15 years), Kalamata Greek Restaurant. Other restaurants we tried were forgettable. We like the chocolate mousse from Capers as well.

          1. re: jkb13

            jkb, have you been to Banana Leaf lately? We gave up on the west Kits location because the last three times we went we had to wait in excess of 30 mins for our reservations (!) AND the food/service was not up to previous visits. Rendang beef was overcooked and bland, 20 minutes for bill last time etc etc. That was in fall 2007 so maybe things have improved?? BTW we have been happy with both the farther east Broadway (original) location and the Denman one.

            If you liked Las Margs and are in the mood for Mexican at a local institution, drift by Topanga Cafe (4th and Bayswaterish). Not what anyone would likely call authentic but tasty, fresh and good value CanMex grub (the salsa and chips have been a staple for me since university). It's been there for a kabillion years and packs mostly locals in every night. No resos so either call ahead for a wait estimate or go early or late.

            Topanga Cafe
            2904 4th Ave W, Vancouver, BC V6K1R2, CA

            1. re: grayelf

              Grayelf -- we did try the Banana Leaf about one month ago. It was the first time I ever had Roti Canai -- which brought me near to tears of joy!! We also had a shrimp dish that was good. So, we are going to go back, if we have the chance. I haven't heard of Topanga -- so thank you so much for that reference as well.

              We've always enjoyed the Eggs Benedict at Sophies Cosmic Cafe as well.

              1. re: grayelf

                +1 for Topanga. Nice, cozy and the food has always been enjoyable.

            2. re: yen

              >>No love for Bin 942? :)

              Oops. Yes to Bin 942. West Broadway is a loooong street.

            3. re: fmed

              Lots of great choices here. I'm not a personal fan of Sophie's...I think it's ridiculous to wait in line that long when there are a TON of other places you
              could be eating!

              I really liked East is East. Very cool experience and vibe there although the last time I went the service left a little something to be desired.
              In keeping with the Indian theme, Maurya's is also an excellent restaurant.

              If you want to go past Granville an eensie-weensie bit, then I'd highly recommend Cru as well. Great food, great service and a cool way to pair wines with dishes (each style of wine is given a square of colour on the menu...then each dish has a bunch of squares after it so you know which wines go with which dishes. Kinda cool)

              1. re: smartini

                Dear Smartini:

                What is your favourite breakfast place in Kitsilano area? We've also gone to Granville Island and had sticky buns at one of the market bakeries that have always been very good. I haven't heard of Cru --

                I can't wait until our next visit to Vancouver -- lots of new places to try.

                1. re: jkb13

                  Okay...I'm probably going to get shot for this. Well, maybe not shot. Maybe just frowned upon and dismissed by CHers in the know. Either's my opinion, right?!?!

         here goes....

                  I really don't get the whole "wait in line and spend a fortune for breakfast" thing that seem to have bitten Vancouverites and not let go. Don't get me wrong - I love a good brunch NOW AND THEN...but seriously, the reason I live here isn't to wait in line, then wait forever for food, then waste half the day....

                  I don't spend much time in Kits truthfully - perhaps I should spend more time there - but my absolute favorite place to eat breakfast when I am over there is Joe's Grill. I LOVE IT. They've got a location on Davie and one on Denman as well.

                  It does good, old fashioned breakfasts. Regular ol' bacon n' eggs or sausage n' eggs or pancakes or whatever floats your boat. And a seriously greasy, regular diner burger and fries if you're in the mood for that.

                  If you really want the whole "brunch" thing that everyone here goes nuts for, and you want it in that area, I guess I'd recommend the Sunshine Diner - does that count as Kitsilano??? They have great bennies.

                  My personal favorite if I'm going to have a real brunch is Provence in Yaletown. DEEEEEE-Lish.

                  Just my measly two cents!!

                  (But good call on the Granville Island sticky buns!)

                  1. re: smartini

                    No love for Sophies from me. No worries smartini.

                    1. re: fmed

                      Good to hear fmed - I was worried before I wrote that!!

                      ...don't even get me started on Stepho's...


                      1. re: smartini

                        LOL! I just got back from a book launch on Davie and walked by the suckers... er patrons waiting in line for Stephos. Also not a fan of Sophie's because of aforementioned waits but more importantly because whenever I HAVE gone the chow has been seriously lacking (down to rotten lettuce in the salad!!) Have also endured pretty condescending service there... not a fave. Give me Joe's Grill any day, smartini :-). And we had a very respectable brekky at Sunshine Diner last Friday on a break from house renos, although it seemed a tad spendy for what it was. The FIL loves it though so we go whenever he is here.

                        1. re: grayelf

                          Grayelf, Smartini, Fmed:

                          I love cheap eats and a good diner (so will keep Joe's and Sunshine in mind for next visit)-- and I love a greasy burger now and then (past 50 so can't do them like I did in my 30's) and good ole' bacon and eggs too. So -- are the Vera Burger Shack burgers any good?

                          1. re: jkb13

                            Okay, I'm still awake so I'll bite (pardon the egregious pun). I've found the burger experience -- both food and service -- at different Vera's to be inconsistent and so hesitate to recommend. Sometimes they are great and other times not so much. The resto zone that the Vera's on Cornwall is in is worth an eyeball with Taco Shack, Planet Veg and many others right there.

                            I know you asked about Vera's specifically but I can't help myself... What I'd really like to do is suggest Moderne Burger on Broadway but it is still closed for a seemingly interminable reno. Again IMO they served the best and most consistent burger but they are not there so... My recco for a burg right now in Van is not on the west side but rather on Main, and take this FWIW as it is based on a single visit: I would steer people to Splitz on Main -- here's a link to my recent ramblings.

                            If you are looking to combine a burger meal with a truly Vancouver location, may I suggest the Jericho Yacht Centre? Their patio is the best beach front in the city I think. Nothing fancy, and you'll want to stick pretty close to burgerish offerings (Angus beef and bison) or if you're feeling naughty a very tasty BC dog with cheddar and bacon (can you tell what I order?). Add a cold one and a sunset and I think you'll enjoy... do be aware this place is mighty popular but the turnover is usually reasonable and if you're on vacation you should be able to go at a slightly less popular time to offset lineage. If you go, try to make time for a walk on the beach before or after too.

                            Splitz Grill Main Street Ltd
                            4242 Main St, Vancouver, BC V5V3P9, CA

                            Galley Patio & Grill
                            1300 Discovery St, Vancouver, BC V6R, CA

                            1. re: grayelf

                              Thank you Grayelf. My husband loves a really good burger, and once or twice a year I indulge in a really good hot dog....LOL.

                              1. re: jkb13

                                You're welcome. And I just noticed the link to my comments and others on Splitz didn't "take" so here it is in case you want to have a dekko:


                                1. re: grayelf

                                  Yum -- that does sound like a great burger! :)

                                  1. re: jkb13

                                    Even though I love eating in great restaurants, my favorite meal is admittedly still a kick-ass burger and fries. I'm a total sucker.

                                    I have eaten at almost every "known" burger place in town...and here's my proverbial two cents worth:

                                    Grayelf is 100% correct in the Modern Burger claim - however, that stupid place hasn't been open more than a week since I moved here - and that was over four years ago!! :) What the heck is going on there?!?!

                                    Along the same lines as my Sophie's and Stepho's rants...I don't really understand the whole White Spot burger thing (and again I'm risking total ostracism from Vancouver CH'ers!). Don't get me wrong - I love that burger when I had too much Strongbow the night before - but I wouldn't say it's anywhere near what the city has to offer.

                                    I was pleasantly surprised by a recent trip to the Templeton on Granville street. They recommended the burger and I tried it out - WOW. In my opinion it just may be the best burger I've had in the city - and that's saying ALOT. They use organic beef and I really noticed a difference in the taste of the meet.

                                    Their gravy is also homemade.

                                    And if you go on a Monday night - they show movies!!

                                    1. re: smartini

                                      Smartini -- I really believe that most people enjoy the fine dining experience and adventure -- but when it comes right down to it, a great burger, a fabulous meatball, a sizzling plate of stirfrys, fresh homemade soup and bread comforts the soul.

                                      However, the adventure of new foods and restaurants and experiences feeds the mind first, then the soul. Just my opinion.

                                      So thanks for another burger reference.

                                      1. re: smartini

                                        Smartini, does the Temp burg still come on a whole wheat bun? That was my one grump about it -- I want a regular white bun (albeit not a foam rubber one) as I have noted elsewhere on these boards :-).

                                        1. re: smartini

                                          >> I don't really understand the whole White Spot burger thing (and again I'm risking total ostracism from Vancouver CH'ers!).

                                          Oh're out. ;)

                                          I actually like the burgers at some White Spots (....many of them have dry cardboard patties.) It's a nostalgia thing. I like their cheesecake for the same reason.

                                 that we are fully off topic....

                                          My favorite burger place is Market Grill on Granville Island. The fries are also very good.

                                          1. re: fmed

                                            I've never had a burger there because I like their BELTCHs (bacon, egg, lettuce, tomato and cheese) so much that I never can resist ordering one. That's a good Kits recco for the OP... so not really off topic after all.

                                  2. re: grayelf

                                    >> If you are looking to combine a burger meal with a truly Vancouver location, may I suggest the Jericho Yacht Centre? Their patio is the best beach front in the city I think.

                                    Nothing beats this place for location.

                                2. re: grayelf

                                  I'm a Sunshine Diner fan, I love that you can get half of one benny and then the other half totally different!!!

                                  THa'ts the only diner-ish place I'd be willing to wait a couple minutes for.
                                  I agree on Sophies nad Stephos
                                  Do love Templeton DT too.

                                  My picks in Kits - Gastropod for a nice dinner
                                  Abigail's Party does a decent brunch
                                  and I can't think of anything else right now, too tired nad hungry. Must eat lunch!

                                  1. re: starlady

                                    Now that's worth knowing -- two different types of Eggs Bennie. That would definitely get my vote. :)

                                    1. re: jkb13

                                      It's really the only reason to go, that and the Hollandaise isn't bad and they give you a good amount.

                                      I often mix the Blackstone and a Florentine, but since they have what 10 different kinds the permutations could be interesting and could take a while :)

                                      1. re: starlady

                                        Starlady, I was planning a trip to Vancouver in the fall -- but maybe, I'll have to rethink that and come earlier! What a great idea to mix and match Bennies! Yummmmm.....

                    2. For an exotic meal I like the Afghan fare at East is East, especially the roti-rolls. Yum!

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                      1. re: BobtheBigPig

                        BobtheBP, I've had the Chai Tea (or what tasted like Chai Tea) there which was lovely. But I haven't eaten anything there.

                        1. re: jkb13

                          It's been a while but last time we had 'em the roti rolls were quite tasty and good value too. I also remember they had a lot of interesting fruity beverages that had a goodish yum factor...

                        2. re: BobtheBigPig

                          My fave is the Himalayan High, it has mango puree, ice cream (or frozen yogurt), milk (or soy milk) pistachios and cardamon, best milkshake ever! Their lentil soup is good too and I usually ask to combine the lamb and eggplant together in the roti.

                          1. re: alwaysroom4dessert

                            Always room, -- mmmm...that sounds good!

                        3. Here are a few of my faves:
                          Mistral Bistro - cassoulet
                          Bistrot Bistro - daube beef, french fries, potatoes dauphinois
                          Grounds for Coffee on Alma - cinnamon buns with extra cream cheese icing

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                          1. re: im_hungry

                            Im Hungry -- the bistrot, bistro meal sounds really good! Looks like you enjoy french food.

                            1. re: jkb13

                              Bistrot Bistro is a great recco -- I'm due for a visit especially as I noted petrale sole on their menu last week. I love this fish and have never seen it anywhere outside of San Francisco...

                          2. hmmm, for restaurants, my fav's are Cardero's (my fav "fancy" burger), Seasons in the Park for a nice meal, Red Umbrella for cheap hot breakfasts (Westend), Hapa Izakaya, the new Cactus Club at Bentall (Feenie brought some of his Lumiere recipes into their new fancy menu) Vij's for the best indian food (go right at 5:30!!!!)

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                            1. re: Natalie152

                              Natalie, not to get too far off topic but could you fill me in on Red Umbrella? I'm compiling a list of cheap and cheerful brekky places in Vancouver (see this thread ) and haven't come across it.

                              1. re: grayelf

                                Bistrot Bistro is indeed lovely French fare but I have to say I was seriously let down when I was there a few months ago - I had a lovely cod dish that was brilliantly cooked, but was a TINY portion for its extortionate price - my mate had a different fish dish and hers was double mine, plus, in all Frenchy-ness, they make you buy side veggies. So didn't stand out to me, I'm afraid.

                                And not sure if we're over the Breakfast/Brunch convo, but I would skip Sophies (though it's "okay") and instead go down to Granville & Helmcken and opt for the Templeton diner's brunch. Small, crazy 1930s diner wedged between crappy shops, with either nice or harrassed (or both) waitresses and great, well-cooked diner brunches, but not greasy, just yummy. Weekends they show old cartoons on the wall screen. And they do good veggie stuff too. Huge portions, very satisfying. Not super-cheap but an absolute hangover-curer. And amazing milkshakes. You'll leave here feeling like a blimp but it's sooo worth it.

                                Also on Broadway (2511 W. Bway) is Dan Japanese restaurant. Odd little place with warm service that serves some amazing sushi and sashimi as well as strange little concoctions with just the right hint of fusiony-twists (because let's face it, Vancouver can screw this up massively), sancho steak, inventive tempura, grilled fish (think we had grilled sablefish or something, and when we'd finished, they took the bones away and deep-friend them and brought them back to us to eat - was delicious actually!). And some excellent shochu (japanese vodka) as well.

                                I also second Hapa Izakaya (downtown or Kits on Yew) and Zakkushi - I love Z's grilled stuff on sticks. Just reserve first as I think the place holds about four people. ;-) And steer clear of the umeboshi & vodka unless you know what you're doing - a friend and I were adventurous and tried this salty plum mixture and nearly had to dump it in the bathroom sink. The waitress was sympathetic and only charged us for one, but I soldiered on only after mixing it with another can of soda!

                            2. I was in Vancouver about a year ago, My husband and I had the where abouts to ask the wonderful hotel we were staying at..."Opus " Where to eat...we wanted something new.....They suggested Fuel on 4th ave in Kits....( they had only open for about 5 months at that time....)
                              ....I can only say it was the best meal we have ever had....the service was top notch & the wine list outstanding....
                              We had the Chef's 9 course .....perfectly paired with wines.....I just can not put it into words....
                              this was by far the best dinning experiance I have ever had.....To sit at the open kitchen counter area...and watch the chef's prepare your meal was just wonderful....
                              Plan to stay a while......and enjoy dinner & a show....
                              Fuel will by far be the first place I dine at when I return in August....of 2008.....

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                              1. re: shellbern

                                Temaki Sushi is a good place to go for some good fresh sushi. it is Broadway just a bit past arbutus.