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Anyone Tried Recipes from 660 Curries?

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I just got 660 Curries out of the library and the recipes look interesting but require many special ingredients. Has anyone tried this book yet? Do the recipes work?

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  1. I haven't tried any of them, but the writer of this food blog (raspberry eggplant) seems to working her way through some of them:

    Hope it's useful!

    1. I bought this book at Costco a couple weeks ago. The recipes look good. I'm Punjabi, so I always look the recipes in Indian cookbooks to see if they seem "authentic" and these sound like the real deal. The author is Indian too, so that's always a plus in my eyes.

        1. I made the chicken tikka masala and it was excellent.

          1. I have made a few and they are easy to follow and "work." I really enjoy the cookbook. The portion size is a little small, but that is, of course, an individual guess.

            1. Bought it from costco as well and me and my dude just loved loved loved the chicken Vindaloo recipe I made from the book (page 134).

              have to admit, i was a bit hesitant about buying a book with a name like 660 curries---The cheezy title sounds totally mass marketed and IMHO more inclined to using a can of tomato soup than the real thing...boy, was I wrong. The Indian food I make just never tastes like the restaurants I've been too and for the first time, this one did. Very easy to make and I had all the ingredients on hand.

              1. Just read a review of this cookbook and now I'm intrigued. The reviewer from the Boston Globe called it the "best three lb cookbook {she's] ever seen."

                I'm going to request it from the library to check it out but wanted to see if anyone has any definitive hits or misses from the book itself.