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May 28, 2008 06:36 AM

Mexicali Burrito at Technology Sq.

Has anyone checked it out yet? I think it just opened it from the people as Baja Betty's in Brookline Village?

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  1. I'm hoping to get there soon. The menu looks a bit limited, but it appears to be more of a little taco/burrito joint than a full-service Mexican restaurant:

    1. I tried to go today, but the line was out the door and snaking into Tech Square.

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      1. re: gini

        me, too. we went to Anna's instead so it all worked out.

        1. re: gini

          Been that way since yesterday, so I haven't bothered, and I imagine it'll stay crazy through this week at least.

        2. I went the second day it was open (walked right in, but I eat lunch late - like 2:00). In a word: meh. I got the chicken roja (?), guac and cheese, had to pay extra for pico de gallo, all for $7 and change. A lot of beans, no particular flavor jumped out. Not actually bad, but I think I'm just spoiled by Villa Mexico. I'd do the trucks if I needed cheap/fast & Villa Mexico if I was willing to wait and haul over the bridge.

          1. Was on a strange schedule today and happened to be walking by when the place was practically empty, so figured I'd give it a try.

            First: yes, it's the same owner as Baja Betty's. The giveaway--other than the fact that he was actually there, rolling burritos--is the "Watsonville Burrito". (If you've ever been to Watsonville CA, you will no doubt find this highly amusing; but I get the feeling they're counting on people *not* having been to Watsonville)

            Anyway, got the chile relleno burrito. The guy making them informed me solemnly that I'd be getting "East LA-style chile rellenos". (I've lived in both LA and Santa Cruz, and wasn't aware that there was a difference, but whatever...) I want to like this place, since unlike some other not-to-be-named supposedly mission-style burrito places, these guys understand the concept of the salsa bar. But the burrito was a disaster-- poorly wrapped, watery, falling apart tortilla, completely tasteless pepper in a bland batter coating, beans that were too salty but otherwise didn't taste like much. I couldn't bring myself to eat more than half of it, even with liberal amounts of salsa. I hope for their sake that the meats are their specialty! Convenient or no, I don't think I'll be going back. (In fact, I may have been cured of ever trying another Boston burrito)

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            1. re: another_adam

              Curious, is Baja Betty's any better? Is this just a symptom of a new restaurant and still-need-more-training workers (i.e., may be hope some day), or does the food just suck (i.e., no hope - look elsewhere for food)?

              1. re: kobuta

                I have no direct comparison, because they've always been out of chile rellenos when I've tried to order the same item at Baja Betty's. I find the other offerings that I'd tried quite equivalent (boring, salty/bland), though I'd not had the same problem with the integrity of the tortilla and the folding before. My burrito @ mexicali was wrapped by the owner, though, so couldn't be a training issue.

                You're right, though, that since they're just open, it's perhaps not fair to write them off for good. I really would love to like these places, since they're near where I work and where I live, and I mostly dread the other games in town, too... (And the hype about Santa Cruz and Watsonville, though quite random, is also kind of entertaining for those of us who have lived there) I myself won't be the one checking back to see how things are progressing, though :)

                1. re: another_adam

                  Disappointing. I work right in Tech Square too, and 2 coworkers tried it for the first time yesterday. One had a burrito and proclaimed it only ok, but definitely needed more meat. The other had the enchilada and said it was lukewarm. *blah*

            2. The original comment has been removed
              1. Actually if you read the posts in this thread, the verdict seems to be Mexicali isn't so great. I've heard plenty good things about El Pelon though, so if you like Mexican, that may be the place to start.

                1. re: kobuta

                  El Pelon is about the only mex-type places in Boston that doesn't make my soul feel sad, but that's mainly because I like their fish tacos, which are not strictly in the usual SoCal style, so I can dissociate it from any expectations and just enjoy the hot crispy fish morsels with pickled cabbage :) I can't vouch for their burritos, though.

                  1. re: another_adam

                    El Pelon first -- I'm pretty excited about that fish taco... everyone is saying it's amazing!