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May 28, 2008 06:01 AM

orange flavored vodkas

you know like stoli orange, absolute mandarin, etc

what are your opinions on these? what other brands are there? which do you think is best?

my new summer cocktail idea is grapefruit juice, orange vodka, and campari (or maybe aperol)

i need a name for this cocktail too

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  1. how about infusing your own with blood oranges?

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    1. re: jspear

      truly the best option. the only way to get a truly orange flavor

      1. re: quazi

        98% of the time I'd agree, but the super strong flavors of Campari and grapefruit juice are really going to mask most homemade infusions.

    2. Add some blood orange bitters and it's one of my favorite summer drinks!

      Van Gogh Orange is great, but honestly, if you're mixing it with the strong flavors of Campari and grapefruit, it won't matter much (flavorwise) which brand you use. Be aware that some brands, like Smirnoff, are sweetened. Those give me a b!tch of a hangover.

      1. Totally apropos, I recently read this article on flavoured vodkas :

        1. A vodka collins made with Smirnoff Orange is a nice refreshing drink and the price is right.

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          1. FWIW, the best commercial orange vodka I've tasted is Hangar One Mandarin Orange.


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