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May 28, 2008 05:13 AM

Need a good restaurant reco between manhattan and westchester

meeting friends for dinner on sat. night, they live in city, we are in Westchester, want to meet in between. Need some chowhound recommendations for good/great food and nice ambience -- Perhaps Bronx or Yonkers? Appreciate all recommendations!

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  1. Owned by the same group, there's Harvest-on-Hudson in Hastings & Half Moon in Dobbs Ferry ( There's also the Red Hat in Irvington. All are within walking distance of their respective Metro North stations, so you friends don't even have to drive if they take the train.

    There's also X2O at the Yonkers station, but I don't think you get Sat. reservations at this late date.

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      Villeny, I just found these on opentable for another poster.

      La Villetta
      Le Chateau
      Restaurant X
      Ruby's Oyster Bar

      Take a look, there are many other choices, imo strangely.

    2. try Zuppa in Yonkers. We ate there not too long ago and had a great dinner. Nice wine list too.

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        I liked Artie's Seafood in City Island. Good food and nice ambience.

      2. For family style italian try Patricia's on Treemont in the bronx.

        1. Roberto's in the Arthur Ave. area of the Bronx. May be hard to get in though.

          1. Depending on what you are looking for this may or may not be a good suggestion, but I strongely suggest Jake's Steakhouse on on Broadway in Riverdale. It's convenient to get to from the Bronx and Westchester, and I had a wonderful experience there. IMO better steak than Smith & Wollensky's and Morton's. The service is great, but don't expect the above mentioned level of service.

            I haven't been but I've heard nothing but good things about Riverdale Garden. I think it leans towards the vegetarian side though.

            If you're looking for burgers and beers, Piper's Klt on 231st.

            If you're thinking Yonkers, the obvious choice seems to be X20.

            If the couple you're meeting is arrving via metro north, there's many places to stop by in Bronxville, Tuckahoe, and Scarsdale and of course White Plains

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              Is Riverdale Garden still open? Heard they were closing, or about to, some months ago...

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                I know someone who lives right down the street. I'll try and find out