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Need restaurant reco between Manhattan and Westchester

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meeting friends for dinner on sat. night, they live in city, we are in Westchester, want to meet in between. Need some chowhound recommendations for good/great food and nice ambience -- Perhaps Bronx or Yonkers? Appreciate all recommendations!

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  1. do yonkers waterfront- look at threads- many threads for that

      1. x20 in yonkers, or robertos in bronx/arthur ave

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          "Half Moon" in Dobb's Ferry just opened. I wrote a review here.....


          It's within walking distance from The train Station, overlooking the river. Convenient for people coming to/from NYC via Metro North.

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            have had a great lunch @ X20, and am sure the nighttime views are also great. food is good there, hostess & service needs some work, but its well on its way.

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              to Plates in Larchmont, not exactly half way but we have always had good meals there!