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May 28, 2008 05:02 AM

Chicago Pizza Shack (Hamilton)

Mr. Cheeze and I tried this place on the weekend - oh...where we won't travel for good pizza :)


It was delicious. We ordered a stuffed deep dish pizza - we created our own. We ordered a small, managed to finish a slice each and took the rest home. There was so much food!

The crust was nice and thin and remained crisp (even the next day when reheated) despite the enormous amount of cheese that was used (we did not order "extra" cheese). The tomato sauce on top had a nice taste - not acidic or anything. Lots and lots of stuffing ingredients

The only "negatives" - they used "canned"/not fresh olives (not really different from many pizza places) and there was a lot of grease on the pizza pan from the huge amount of meat (pepperoni and bacon) that was stuffed into this pie (we knew what we were in for, so I use negative in quotes).

wow - would definitely go back. Not anytime soon though as my waistline and arteries need some recovery time.

Thanks Mike from Hamilton (and others) for recommending this place on the boards.

Chicago Style Pizza Shack
534 Upper Sherman Ave, Hamilton, ON L8V3M1, CA

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    1. Glad you enjoyed...hope you didn't have to wait too long in line!

      1. A few friends and I are going to try this place (we're REALLY excited). From what I've read in the past, there's long lines. Would there be long lines on Wednesday night? How late does it stay open? Are reservations available/necessary? Would it be better to just order take out?

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          Okay here we go:

          Lineups start at around 4pm, the restaurant opens at 4:30. The waitresses have a saying "full by five". The shack closes at midnight. Reservations are NOT available.

          Take out is fine but limits choices (if you just want pizza this isn't a problem), depending on where you are (if in Hamilton) they do deliver. But they do have a number of items in the restaurant (pasta in red sauce with clams) that are also tasty...

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            If it's your first time, you really should eat in. If you take out, then you will for sure miss out on that one waitress with the deadpan humour. Then there's the loop of cheesy music ("Volare", etc.) that hasn't changed for I don't know how long. If you go on a weeknight, our experience has generally been that going a bit later (8 and after) makes it easier to get a table - but that isn't always true. Regardless, the wait will be worth it. Enjoy, and please report back.

          2. thanks guys! ....i actually spoke to a friend of mine who had gone the night before (without telling me....), and they recommended the appropriate portions .... but there definitely was a wait ... and it was worth it! .... we got there at about 7:30, after walking around the parks near concession st. (thought it was going to be like main st., markham, but that wasn't the case) .... and we waited about 30 min before being seated... no matter tho as we threw a frisbee around outside while waiting ...

            we knew we'd be stuffed, so we just order a medium regular with italian sausage, green peppers, and mushrooms ("chicago style") and the small stuffed with pepperoni, bacon, and meatballs .... which took about another 30 minutes (which was expected cuz the waitress mentioned it and it says it would take that long on the menu) no qualms there....

            the medium regular had a TONNE of italian sausage and the crust was great (not too greasy and not too heavy for a normal crust ... liken it to a domino's/pizza hut hybrid?) ....the italian sausage was spiced nicely too! ...good amount of cheese and sauce too

            the stuffed pizza had a tonne of much so that we cuoldn't really tell what was in it, except for the pepperoni ... the "deep dish" crust was quite deep ... as in about 2 inches high!...not too hard and dense....quite the good balance of textures! regardless, it was really really good!... and filling, my friend was pretty much full on one slice, but kept eating .... i was wondering tho, whether the top of the stuffed pizza was pure cheese (not sure what kind) or had a dough (with cheese and sauce) on top?.... regardless, it was really good.... nothing i've ever had in the GTA .... and a definite treat!

            we stayed away from the olives (as per the OPs discovery) and tomatoes (a la, current salmonella scare) ... but we wanted a good meaty pie anyways! would definitely go back, but not too frequently.... for fear of waistline explosion!....haha

            1. Well, finally made it to this place last night and it did not disappoint. We must have been lucky as we arrived just after 4:30 and easily got a table but it filled up quickly after that. We ordered the deep fried ravioli for an app and 2 small deep dish pizzas , 1 meat lovers and 1 veggie. Bar far the best pizza I've had in a long time and the ravioli are highly recommended. Amazing how they keep that amount of crust moist and great tasting. I've been to Chicago and have had deep dish there and this place matches it perfectly.

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                I am tired so I am going to make this short. I finally drove down to Chicago Pizza Shack from Toronto and was pleased with the restaurant. My friend and I arrived around 10:30 p.m and there was only one couple finishing their late dinner. The server was very friendly and helpful offering us recommendations on what to order. We were definitely ordering stuffed pizza but we were thinking about ordering extra cheese, thank God that she told us not to because there was a ton of cheese in it already. The stuffed pizza was like nothing I have had before, not greasy but very thick and stuffed with cheese and all the other toppings we ordered. It was huge and we had tons of leftovers as a result of ordering a large, next time we will just get a small pizza. It took about 30 minutes to make the pizza so we ordered their mixed appetizer, breaded mushroom caps and fried ravioli. I would highly recommend anyone to try this because it was really tasty and would tie you over before the main event arrives. Overall, I would endorse this restaurant not only for the food but for their friendly service as well!