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May 28, 2008 04:57 AM

Jerusaleum on Eglinton/Bathurst

Thought we'd give this place a try after reading favorable reviews. Is the menu still the same? It seems to have the Leslie (now moved to Nymark Plaza) buffet included. We're asking about the location on Eglinton that is not a buffet.

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  1. Great falafel balls, humous, babaganouch (sp), rice, stewed tomatoes and prices. However, I find their chicken and beef kabobs usually quite dry. Overall very good.

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      Haven't been in a month but was the same menu. Usually stick with the hot and cold apps. or the Maza Plate which is enough for 2 for dinner. With no drinks, 2 people can waddle out stuffed for $20 all in.

    2. Dinner for two is really a dinner for three. I don't think you get that many appetizers. I think only a choice of three: we always go with the fried tomatoes with garlic, the Hummus (best in Toronto) and the falafel.

      Have been going to the Jerusalem on Eglinton for twenty years (at least once a month) and have never had a dry beef or lamb kebab, though the chicken can be a tiny bit dry.

      Save room for an Arak (tastes like Pernod) and a dessert of Mohalabeih (basically a milk pudding with honey and pistachios)

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        Thanks everyone! I forgot about this post. Will give my review when I've had a chance to try it out!