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May 28, 2008 01:20 AM

Drinks TV - Great site!

Hi Guys,

I found this site a few months ago and it is pretty good. Basically it has a ton of bartenders giving recipes (sometimes personal ones, others not) to the camera.


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  1. neat, a little salesy but still come interesting ideas.

    1. Sorry, but that site is the source of one of worst mint juleps you'll ever see made:

      Here's a bartender using her bare hand to scoop ice into the mixing glass:


      Bad drinks, lame club bartenders, lots of cleavage, and liquor ads all rolled into one!

      1. To be frank, not really my cup of tea. The drink recipes I took a look at were mostly unappealing sickly sweet concoctions (although their Plymouth Perfect Martini recipe is actually a sweet Martini that I'd try- they swirl and dump the dry vermouth, but keep the sweet. I'd still tweak the proportions a bit for more vermouth- I think they said 6:1 proportions for gin:sweet vermouth. But I digress), and there is a video for Glenlivet on the rocks, which I find a bit silly. Additionally, their technique wouldn't exactly impress me in a bar. And there is a definite fair amount of product pushing. And frankly, I don't gain anything from the video other than the recipe, and I can read a recipe. Not for me.

        However, if you haven't seen it, I do recommend The Cocktail Spirit, done by Robert Hess AKA Drink Boy. Each episode has a recipe for a drink, and he makes it on the show, but it also covers thing like the history of the drink, proper technique in making it, how certain flavors mix with each other to make a perfect cocktail, the role of a specific ingredient in cocktails that include it, and other stuff like that (and the episodes on molecular mixology are just cool). I really learn stuff when I watch them.

        Of course, there's a downside... I have complete bar envy whenever I watch the episodes. While I don't really feel the need for an actual fancy bar, I'd love to be able to find some of the tools he has... that juicer is absolutely fantastic. Why isn't somebody making juicers like that today? Or are they? I've looked around, locally and online, but I just can't find one.

        Anyway, if you're interested, check it out at and enjoy.

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        1. re: OckhamsFolly

          Thank you very much for the link to Robert Hess's Cocktail Spirit.
          I really like his low-key, yet highly informative, presentation style.

          I found the drinkstv site to be a waste of time.

          Now, on to the search for premium tonic water...

        2. To folks in the mixology bizz, that site is am must see for how not to make cocktails. It is known for how bad it is and the huge amount of imcorrect info.

          1. Bogus site, good for a laugh is all.