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May 28, 2008 12:35 AM

Need great Birthday venue!

HI! I'm looking for a fun, energetic and delicious option for my birthday party on Sunday! There's around 10 people, and I'd like to have a place that has amazing food at a reasonable price. I love Indian food, but feel that you either have to choose between ambiance or quality of food... Any suggestions?

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  1. What part of town?

    I love Woodlands in Chatsworth or Artesia. Yes, it's not hihg on the ambiance list, but Fridays at Cahtsworth, and I think Artesia, they have the all you can eat buffet and all you can eat dosa madness, with about 15 different types of dosas to choose from and have made fresh.

    10 people, cramming dosas..yum!

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    1. re: Diana

      I don't think they do AYCE dosas any more, just the buffet.

      1. re: hrhboo

        oh,yes, the chatsworth one did the last time I was in!

        1. re: Diana

          How long ago was that? They weren't a couple of weeks ago.

    2. what is your idea of 'reasonable price?'
      on this board that number could be all over the lot... .

      also from where will the attendees be coming?

      1. Tantra in Silver Lake has, in my opinion, both cool ambiance and great food. There's a dining room that you can reserve tables in, and a super-cool lounge area where someone will have to stake out a table if you want to seat 10.