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May 27, 2008 10:49 PM

Best hummus in PHL?

I've been on a major, major hummus kick for the past several months...where's the best hummus in the city or eastern Montco?


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  1. I like Bitar's at 10th and Federal.

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    1. re: brightman

      i second that! damm, you may have just forced me to go there for dinner tonight....

    2. I recently had the hummus at Zahav and was very impressed. garlicy and smooth with marinated fava beans on top i believe, and warm freshly made bread to accompany it. I think they have a few other varities available as well. ,

        1. re: saturninus

          What/where is Sabra? Google will not answer me!

          1. re: Bigley9

            It's a supermarket hummus - you can find it at some larger supermarkets and even large containers at Costco. Some say it's nothing fancy but I much prefer it's thick, creamy, aromatic taste to smaller local hummus' like Bobbi's.

              1. re: saturninus

                I found Sabra hummus at a deli/store on Chestnut just west of 8th St in Philly.

                1. re: saturninus

                  Sabra is great! It's easily my favorite store-bought hummus. Lots of rich flavor plus there doesn't seem to be raw garlic in it, so I can eat it without setting off my allergies.

              2. re: saturninus

                FYI....the recipe for Sabra hummus is on this week!
                where do you buy citric acid/sour salt - at a regular grocery store?

                oh and the hummus at Kanella was really good!

                1. re: pamd

                  The only place I have found sour salt is online. King Arthur's catalog has it and by the time you pay shipping and handling it is over $12.00. I heard you can use "real lemon" but again I can't find it anywhere. I think Cost Plus World Markets had it but they closed in town. I found Lime Salt (Limon y Sal) by Morton Salt at Walmart and it does the trick, and is great on other foods also.

                  1. re: pamd

                    Fresh Grocer at 40th and Walnut has sour salt/citric acid in small bags on a spice rack in the produce department. I was surprised when I randomly spotted it there last week! It was under $2/bag.

                    1. re: pamd

                      Spice Corner on 9th in Italian Market definitely has it.

                      Best hummus I've had in town is a draw between Zahav and Shouk. Zahav has better bread, but Shouk can do the hummus with sauteed mushrooms--it's delicious.

                    2. KONAK. Hands down. The bread they serve with it is even better. Go on Tuesday night, most of the menu is offered in sampler size for $2.

                      Sabra (store brand) garlic is really good although they have jacked the price lately. Cedar's Garlic is pretty good too.

                      1. the hummus at Caspian Grille in Lafayette Hill is very good. as is their babbaghanoush.

                        germantown ave.