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May 27, 2008 09:57 PM

Breakfast..only for one day in NYC

In order to see a game at the original Yankee Stadium for the last time, a friend of mine and I are flying in on a red eye flight from LA and flying out right after the game that starts at 1pm. That leaves only one meal for a couple of middle aged former New Yorkers to actually enjoy. Where should we go for an early morning meal?. Keep in mind we'd need something near a #4 train stop. Thank you in advance for the rec.

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  1. Hmmm, a tough request as the #4 train doesn't make that many stops in Manhattan. Is something by a #6 train OK? How early is early? 7am? Earlier?

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      Thanks Kathryn, it's no problem for me to go further afield than a 4 train stop. It actually would be a later breakfast than I thought. Got any recs for after 9:30am?

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        Do you think Balthazar would work?

        1. re: MMRuth

          Thank you, I will search the board for Balthazar

      2. How about Clinton St. Baking Co. Not by a 4 stop, but by the F train (Delancey St). You can then transfer to the B/D at 34th street and take that up to Yankee Stadium.

        Balthazar would work also. It's by the 6 train Spring St Station (@ Lafayette), which is an easy transfer to the 4 train @ 14th street, also you could take the B/D at Broadway/Lafayette St (@ Houston) straight to Yankee Stadium.

        Wanted to include the NYC subway website just in case:

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          1. Barney Greengrass, for nova and bagels, then jump on the B at 86th street and central park west, if its a weekday i believe it will take you straight to yankee stadium, otherwise you just transfer to the D and it takes you there.