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May 27, 2008 09:53 PM

Best Pho in Edmonton?

I am a Pho crazy person. I'm addicted to it. I have tried almost every single vietnamese restaurants in Edmonton (and all the vietnamese restaurants in chinatown toronto, which is limited I guess), and I wonder if I'm missing the "hidden gems"...I frequent Tau Bay(goind really downhill from how they used to be before they relocated to chinatown. I miss the days when it was on 107th ave) and King's noodle house. All the other places were not great.

Any suggestions on hidden gems for pho?? Please don't say Pho Hoa or Pagolac, or golden bird. By the way, Pagolac is fantastic for satay beef noodle soup, but not for regualr pho - personal tastes I guess.

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  1. I have to admit I'm also a bit of a "Pho crazy person", and always consider Tau Bay to be my fall back soup destination. After trying and trying many other places, nothing compares in my mind to the wonderful broth served at the Bay. Although in saying that, I was disappointed a few weeks back when the noodles were off. As well I did notice quite a few new staff members.

    I'm curious and look forward to hearing other opinions on this topic.

    1. I'm interested to know your recommendations for ordering Pho at your favorite places.

      Personally, I'm a satay beef noodle soup kind of girl - so I'm going to second the Pagolac for that. However, I think that a very close second for good satay beef noodle soup (sorry for the threadjack) is the Moon Garden Restaurant in the west end (175 st and 100 ave, in the same complex as New Asian Village).

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        Either size, depending on my hunger level, of menu item number one at Tau Bay. I love having the "everything" option in my pho. Order an iced coffee and it is the perfect meal.

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          I have thoroughly enjoyed the pho at Nihn Kieu in Chinatown. I am a sate girl, but i actually like the sate here better than Pagolac, I did not enjoy the thick broth, I like a thin one.

      2. Man oh man - I don't live in Edmonchuk anymore and WISH I could remember the name of my fave Pho place. I

        t's across the street from Lucky 97, not across 97th Street, but across the Ave to the south. Basically, walk out of Lucky 97 parking lot, turn right and cross the street.

        It's a great spot - I had my forst Pho ever there. The hostess is so on the ball at lunch hour. When she sees you comming up the side walk she's already grabbing menus, chopsticks and a pot of tea. They do the brisket style Pho there with all the fixings and it's great, prices are cheap too.

        I can't recommmend much else from the menu as I mainly go for Pho, it's that good, but the spring and salad rolls are great and so is the Cafe Sua Da. Even on a full stomach, or with a wicked cold or hangover, I've never been able to finish a SMALL it's that big!

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        1. re: eastcoastgirl_westcoastlife

          Are you thinking Ho An? It's just south of Lucky 97 on that diagonal avenue. I like that they offer an x-large size but I don't like the fact that they don't have tripe or tendon. I don't normally like that stuff, but throw it into pho and I'm there.

          1. re: eastcoastgirl_westcoastlife

            I think you meant "Pho Huong Que".. anyhow i used to go there quite a bit then i kinda lost track of it..but it is a good PHO favorite PHO place is THANH THANH Restaurant (across,diagonally from the BRICKwarehouse).. very well balanced PHO (broth, noodle, beef,etc). perhaps it is the fresh beef slices that lure me back there everytime. Most of all, very nice, clean, friendly restaurant.

          2. We seem to have similar tastes in pho. Tau Bay is my #1 followed by King noodle.

            Depends on your mood, if you want volume, Ho An has good portions, but are lacking in the variety of meats (no tripe, tendon). Tau Bay has the best broth hands down in Alberta but I find there isn't enough noodles and are kinda stingy on the meats. King Noodle is a decent place overall.

            My wishlist for good pho:
            1) Pho Tau Bay quality broth (tasty, aromatic, buttery flavor)
            2) Ho An portions (their x-large is perfect)
            3) Full variety of meats and good portions (what's with the 1 tendon per bowl?)
            4) Don't cheap out on basil and sprouts. I don't want half rotten basil.
            5) Accept credit cards for crying out loud!!!! So you have to pay 2 - 3%. I don't carry cash.

            Pho So 1 in Calgary meets 2-5, but their broth is just average. Broth is king!

            1. A quick read of the replies and I see no mention of Phobulous near the U of A on 109th street in a strip mall by Fiori's (I know I am not spelling that correctly, but have not the effort to figure it out!). New, modern, superb broth; overall our new favourite. My spouse is pho crazy and has tried every Pho factory in the city she can find and this is her favourite. It is as fun as the name suggests.

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              1. re: foodiesnorth

                Ate here and was extremely disappointed. The room itself was comfortable enough, but they completely forgot our appetizer order of salad rolls, took away both sauces when my hubby asked for a refill of the hot sauce (I was actually enjoying the sweet one!), and my broth just plain cried out for flavour. Basil leaves provided on the side were kinda wilty too.

                The only reason I'd give them another try is because the salad rolls brought to another table looked darn good.

                1. re: KayceeK

                  Where is "there"? I mean which restaurant?

                  1. re: felix the hound

                    Phobulous...sorry; I should have mentioned that. I just hit reply to Foodiesnorth's post.

                    1. re: KayceeK

                      Yes do give them another try. We have been often and my SO and daughter were there yesterday (or maybe it was Sunday) and loved it.

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                  Accidentally responded to dead post