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Need good rec between manhattan and westchester

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meeting friends for dinner on sat. night, they live in city, we are in Westchester, want to meet in between. Need some chowhound recommendations for good/great food and nice ambience -- Perhaps Bronx or Yonkers? Appreciate all recommendations!

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  1. We had the same problem, and had a success with X20 in Yonkers--you can search on the Tri-State board for more.
    It's an easy walk from Metro North.

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    1. Yvonne's Souther Cuisine
      Good/not Great: TASTY and comfortable. They may have entertainment on Saturday, which may be scary. I've been to there midweek buffet, so food may actually be much better on a non buffet night. Traditional Southern, w/ hospitality to match. I had fun.
      503 Fifth Avenue
      Pelham, New York 10803
      Phone: 914-738-2005