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May 27, 2008 08:30 PM

The Ayala's on Venice Blvd.- What's good?

The Ayala's Salvadorian & Cuban Food
10953 Venice Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90034

Going to a company dinner there next week and wondering what's not to be missed?
Had Cuban food plenty of times, i.e @ Versailles down the street, but I am wondering what Salvadorian food is all about and more importantly what's tasty on the menu at Ayala's. I am up for anything, and love to try new ethnic foods. If anyone has been here lately and has some recommendation I would greatly appreciate the feedback.

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  1. The papusas com Highly recommended and I like them myself Plus I've ordered Rabo Encendido which was good. I've never eaten on site they are friendly and quick when I come in for a take out order.

    Take Care

    - P.

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    1. re: Mattapoisett in LA

      I like Gloria's. How does The Ayala's compare?

    2. I like the pupusas too. Cheese is my fave. The plantains are good too - caramelized and delicious.

      1. I've been meaning to write a review, we poppled in there a week ago. Agree that the pupusa was really good. We got the loroco and cheese. What blew us away though was how well they fried the food.

        We got the fried yucca and fried pork. Both items were crispy with the yucca soft and fluffy inside. The pork had that crisp carmelization and juicy interior. But not greasy at all, light if you can call fried food light.

        For entrees, I got the fried fish and my wife had the sauteed beef in a stew like sauce. Both items came with a small salad and we chose the handmande tortillas instead of regular to go with it.

        The fried fish was a whole fish and the waitress checked with me to see that I was okay with seeing the whole head, etc. I assurred her that being Asian, having it whole like that was actually a bonus.

        The salads were nothing special, usual iceberg lettuce. But my god, the fish was fantastic. Again, crispy, juicy, non greasy. I was breaking apart the head and wiggling all the bits of meat out. I left nothing both bones and fins.

        My wife's beef dish had a good hearty flavor, beef pieces were tender. The tortillas were the thick fluffy kind, a bit undersalted but still very good and I liked the texture.

        Service was quick and efficient but we were one of two tables on a early Friday night. This is an inexpensive place. The entrees were under $10.

        It's not a destination place in my mind but a great family neighborhood place. It's very low key and Iunpretentious. I'm actually surprised your company is considering a dinner there as small as it is and lack of decor.

        Bonus that it's within walking distance for us so it's easy to drop in. Hopefully they'll survive, they said they've been there since Sept 07.

        Hope you enjoy it.