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May 27, 2008 07:42 PM

Best Ethiopian Restaurant?

Looking for the best Ethiopian food in Manhattan. Did not like Meskerem, but am interested in Awash (UWS), Zoma and Queen of Sheba, as well as any others people recommend.

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  1. My vote goes to Ghenet, on Mulberry off of Houston. The combination platters are always a solid choice. Awash is OK.

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    1. re: queenseats

      I agree that Ghenet is very good, especially if you like it spicy. Queen of Sheba is also a good choice.

      1. re: queenseats

        My Vote is for Ghenet as well. They will make gluten free injera as well if you ask. The food is simply amazing, and good with Tej wine or Ethiopian beer.

        1. re: Elizabeth Rothman

          They make gluten-free injera? But how is that? Injera traditionally takes 3 days to ferment...

          1. re: yt28

            I am not sure, they may make the base made of Teff and allow it to ferment and then add flour at the last minute. i know when I called the night before they told me that they make some of it the night before and some the same day. i had the same question. The injera they served us was darker in color to the injera that has wheat flour added to it. It was very good.

      2. Meskerem is pretty bad. Queen of Sheba is very good, has the traditional mesob tables and even the espresso machines for an authentic after-dinner macchiato. Awash has Harar beer straight from Ethiopia - the others serve made-in-NJ beers and honey wines. Zoma is slightly more upscale and has less of a traditional feel, but still pretty good.

        1. I have to advise against Awash. There are better Ethiopian restaurants in the city: Queen of Sheba among them.

          1. I prefer Zoma over Ghenet, Meskerem and Awash. Never been to Queen of Sheba.

            1. Has anyone tried The Ethiopian Restaurant on York btwn 83 & 84?

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              1. re: lisalu

                What would you recommend ordering at these Ethiopian restaurants - I have never tried Ethiopian food?

                1. re: mboxermd

                  Most Ethiopian restaurants (if not all) let you choose a "combination platter" that is a sampler of almost every dish on the menu.

                  1. re: mboxermd

                    the combo platters are an easy bet (usually there's a couple of choices, veg or not). I also love the almost raw beef cubes, forget the name, usually cooked in a quick wash of hot butter and, excellent at Queen of Sheba.

                    1. re: bigjeff

                      It's called gored gored and it's pretty good. I like the special tibs at Queen of Sheba, and the bozena shiro is usually decent too.

                  2. re: lisalu

                    No, but this morning I passed it for the first time. It looks promising and I am curious to hear what people have to say about it.