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May 27, 2008 07:38 PM

Fathers Day Orlando/Daytona Area

Hello, I am a Canadian and will be visiting my father on fathers day in Fl. He lives in the Daytona area and was looking for some recommendations for a restaurant to take him to for dinner. We are Italian so I am really looking for a good Italian restaurant with a good, red, wine list as well. I am looking for somehting in the $200 for two people area. In terms of area, anything within an hour, hour and a half of Daytona is good. But, closer is always nicer. Thanks again.

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  1. I don't know Daytona a tall, but on the northern end of the Orlando area is Enzo's on the Lake, a wonderful Italian restaurant. The atmosphere is a little faded, but the dining rooms have lake views and the food is absolutely authentic. Be sure to begin with an antipasto platter, and to ask to request the items you want on the platter yourself. It's in your price range.

    1. Perhaps other Chowhound-ers can chime in on this, but I'd recommend Primo Restaurant located in the JW Marriott. Its fairly accessible by way of major highways and the reviews on this site have always been favorable. I think it's located right on the edge of your 90-minute-radius from Daytona.

      Website to restaurant is:

      1. I second Rudykins suggestion! Enzo's serves wonderful roman style italian food. The wine list is very good and JoAnn, the owner/maitre'de is always helpful in suggesting a good bottle. The lakeviews are very nice around sunset. It doesn't look like much from 17-92, but once inside the white stucco walls, the ambiance is great. Also, their penne ala vodka pasta is the best I've ever had. AND their chocolate souffle is incredible. They usually aren't open on Sunday so I would call and check if they'll be open for father's day.