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HK - So I just have one question

What is Jen still doing there?

She messed up the first challenge - although she refused to take the blame- but were the sauces not ready? I don't think so because she quickly would have pointed out someone else's (read LOUROSS) shortcomings if there weren't, and then she proposes a menu that is simplistic and quite unappetizing. But she won't take the blame for anything... well, if you can dish it out, you need to be ready to take it.

Louross' fault was not standing up for himself and speaking out and taking over.

I really don't know why I keep watching. Why do I? I'm not really rooting for anyone to win (definitely rooting for a lot of people to go home though), don't find the rewards all that exciting - woohoo a trip to the beach... woohoo fancy, and well, I find the show has just lost it's oomph. It had oomph, but now it's gone.

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  1. Sadly, I gave up on this series awhile ago after it became clear it was just another formulaic reality show, ala "Survivor" et al. I'm into watching "Deadliest Catch", which is in the same time slot and is a lot more "Real" in it's content.

    1. I am still watching HK. The problem this season is I don't really have a favorite and like you I have a few I can't wait to see go home. Jen is at the top of my list. I thought the comment made tonight was accurate by her teammate she thinks she has a lot to teach and not a lot to learn. Her menu showed otherwise-halibut wrapped in zucchini-not very appetizing to me. I doubt she will go much further. I do like Ramsey, though, and wish him luck finding an executive chef out of this lot- does anyone know how the contestants are picked for HK? Does Ramsey get involved or not?

      1. Good question. I was really hoping she'd go. And when he brought up Matt & Jen after Louross left, I was hoping he'd send the both of them packing!

        Why do you keep watching? Probably for the same reason as I - I'm half-fascinated, half-scared to think one person will walk away with the win.

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          Yeah, I was also totally hoping he'd send the lot packing! It does have rather a train wreck sort of fascination, though. It's like watching wrestling and rooting for the bad guy to lose.

          Out of the rest of them, who the heck WOULD you pick to run a high end resto? I think I'd take Corey/Christina as a package deal. Bobby talks a good game but I don't see the cooking skills to back it up. Petrozza has gotten overwhelmed too many times and is a P-I-G Pig in the kitchen, which I believe is a mortal sin for GK.

          But shouldn't working for GK require skills more in line with what the TC contestants possess? Hire Jen (from TC, not HK)!

          1. re: phee

            I agree, I was hoping He would send Matt and Jen home as well.

            I have not seen a contestant on this show, or Top Chef that has impressed me. All are on their best days line cooks, even though some have mysteriously gained the title of chef somewhere along the way.

            1. re: swsidejim

              Not to worry, by the end of the contest, editing will make it seem like the winner really deserves it, has the chops (ha!), and is derserving of running a restaurant.

            2. re: phee

              I totally watched for Jean Phillipe and Ramsey's ocean wrestling. :)

              1. re: Firegoat

                Ocean wrestling? While my dinner out with friends was good, this could have been interesting! :-)

                And I'm on the "it's jumped the shark" bandwagon; haven't watched the last few episodes - the contestants are just not worth it.

            3. I think Jen is only there for the drama factor, I also think that's why he went back to men vs. women. I don't think any of these guys would have survived pervious seasons. Sad when you think of chefs like Roc who earned it and then compare to this group.

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              1. re: amykragan

                Yeah I think Jen and Matt should have gone. I don't think I could get on the show,but jen's menu was yuk.Glad they revised it,and they still lost.Gordon muight as well open the compition up to regular cooks,average people.Shoot,some of them are far better than this crew.Glad the two girls on the red team stuck together.Oh,by the way, it's weird,but for some crazy reason it seems like Matt was on HK before, his face seems familiar.
                Was he?
                Can't wait to see TC tonight.

                1. re: HollyDolly

                  I agree they needed to revise Jen's menu. But I thought it was unfair to the other team. They did theirs in the time given. A second chance to do the menu could have been an advantage. Luckily they are so bad it made no difference.

                  1. re: Janet

                    I agree I thought it was unfair as well. I was on the phone at the time and missed a lot of the discussion, .... but... both teams had the same time for a menu. If the blue menu sucked, then so be it.

              2. I agree with the consensus. I have no favorites and not cheering for anyone.

                I find the show amusing. Reminds me of Gomer Pyle where Chef Ramsey is Sgt Carter and instead of one Gomer the entire platoon are Gomer's. I watch for the weekly wacky kitchen antics. Ultimately, I'm curious what Chef will do with the winner. Is the winner really employable as an executive chef or will they just offer a cash prize to just go away?

                If the preview is correct, hasn't been so far, Roc will be on next week. He's probably the only worthy winner so far. Hopefully, it's not just a 15 to 30 second spot.

                1. My "Survivor Syndrome" has kicked in: I wish the whole group would be eaten by alligators, with GR for dessert!

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                      1. re: phee

                        His wife might want to get in on the action too - just thought I should mention. But I'm ready for ya antyime - bring it on.


                  1. So maybe the mystery guest chef that has never appeared will be Julia fresh from culinary school. She'll get to come in, kick some butt and win it all.
                    That would be cool. She's much more deserving than any of these goombas.

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                    1. re: amykragan

                      I've caught a few episodes here and there of the previous seasons of HK, this is the first year I've actually watched all episodes (bless the PVR).

                      Its probably the editing, but none of the contestants really seem to be all that talented. I really don't see how any of the remaining chefs could ever be a suitable executive chef in a Ramsay restaurant (or any other fine dining resto for that matter).

                      I really can't stand Matt, and I can't believe he's still around. At least Jen has shown some proficiency in the kitchen in the past. Matt is just useless.

                      I like the analogy used of this being a train wreck, I just can't avert my eyes. Was the talent level in previous seasons the same?

                      1. re: djdragan

                        I know - Matt, sigh. He really should be gone. He was just completely pathetic, IMO.

                        1. re: MMRuth

                          There really is something wrong with Matt. He reminds me of a big dopey spoiled brat..with a personality disorder or mental illness? Can't put my finger on it..and wouldn't want to.

                          1. re: melly

                            ITA! It's like he has an 8 yr old brain in an adult body.

                        2. re: djdragan

                          I don't remember where I read this but it was about a chef who auditioned to be on HK and was turned down. He said that he saw very talented chefs there but they didn't make the cut. Apparently, Fox is more intent on casting personalities with no talent as opposed to casting personalities with talent -- and you know Fox probably won't cast a talented chef without a personality. I think the former probably makes for better TV as there are more stupid errors for Ramsey to get into a hissy fit about.

                          Yes, that show is a train wreck and you just can't help watching. I really thought Matt was going to get the boot last night, but it was Lou Ross. Matt with his crybaby attitude and misogynistic comments is probably more entertaining to watch than the relatively normal Lou Ross. And I knew Jen was safe -- she is one of the stronger ones (relatively speaking, of course) and is probably the most annoying, caustic one out of the bunch. Keeping Jen there will ensure higher ratings.

                          1. re: djdragan

                            I watched all the seasons and although in general the talent wasn't outstanding, the bottom line is, there was some talent to be found, leadership and kitchen chops. This year, it's one bumbling idiot after another. It's Ringling Barnum and Bailey without the tent - and since we're watching it, he's even right about a sucker being born every minute!

                        3. After each cheftestant is eliminated they do interviews. According to LouRoss's interview the reason Jen didn't put on the sauces was because she burned them.