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Hungarian Food In Los Angeles?

Does anyone know a good Hungarian Market or Bakery in the West Los Angeles or South Bay area? I'd love to find one! I'm trying to find a good Hungarian Cheesecake. I already know that Alpine Village sells them but they're a bit dry. Any other suggestions or places would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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  1. Have you tried Csardas Restaurant?
    5820 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, 90038-3709

    Also, have you checked Viktor BenĂªs bakery inside Gelsons? They aren't Hungarian (Czech I believe), but they do offer various European baked goods.

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      I think that Csardas changed name when the restaurant was bought by the people who own Hortrobagy...
      For real Hungarian strudels, try Mishi's Strudel in San Pedro. They offer other baked goods too - if you call in advance, they may be able to make what you want.


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        You're right, the name changed to Duna Csarda. I found through a quick search this link, but it's not working for me:


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          Thanks for the Mishi's link. My father's Hungarian -- I can't wait to take him when he comes to visit.

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            Just came across this post.

            I watched my Hungarian grandmother make strudel many times, not grokking I was watching a miracle in motion and not yet interested in cooking and baking.

            She would take a piece of dough the size of a greeting card envelope and turn it into a "tablecloth" for a rectangular table that seated eight comfortably.

            Her fillings included apple, cherry, cabbage, and my favorite, poppy seed.

            We're heading south in a few days (from SFBA) and I may try to find my way to San Pedro, but I have to say that the strudel in the picture looks wrong. It looks glazed and crusty, whereas Grandma's looked and felt more like a slightly less crisp version of baklava dough. The only version I've ever found that approached it was Mrs. Herbst's in the Yorkville section of Manhattan, which closed many years ago.

            Has anyone familiar with the real McCoy (wish I knew enough Hungarian to make that a better epithet!) actually tasted this?

            Also, the poppy seed has apple in it; Grandma's was dense with poppy seeds, punctuated only by a few plump raisins.

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            Thank you for your response, LMelba! I looked up a few reviews for Dunas Csardas and they weren't good at all. Its a shame as I was hoping to find a good Hungarian restaurant in L.A.. Also, I go to Viktor Benes all the time inside of Gelsons. Their main bakery is on Third which I've been too as well. Their products are Ok but they sell French pastries not Hungarian. I love their "alligators!" Thanks again for trying to help! I really appreciate it.

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              I also love Viktor Benes' alligators. My bosses know my preference, and when my birthday rolls around they always get an alligator for me instead of a birthday cake.

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                Try Maximilian's on Tujunga in North Hollywood between Magnolia and Chandler. I read on one of the posts that this place was bought up by and being operated by the original owners of Hortobagy. Haven't been there yet but checked out the menu which looks like the old Hortobagy bill of fare. I also spoke with someone on the phone who had an Hungarian accent you could cut with a knife. Prices appeared reasonable, great venue and easy street or valet parking.

            2. I know this is a bit late, but the best Hungarian market I've found in the LA area is Otto's Market, in Burbank - little converted house, with the main floor a market, run by a nice couple:


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                Second Otto's! They have a great selection of all kinds of Hungarian goodies.

              2. Hortobagy, the Hungarian restaurant that was on Ventura Blvd. for years and years, has re-opened in North Hollywood at the site of Maximilian's. They're keeping the name Maximilian's but the menu is all Austro-Hungarian.

                1. I just had brunch at Maximillians, (Chef is Laszlo, of former Hortobagy Restaurant). The strudel was the best I've ever had. Lots of fruit in the apple, and the cherry/poppyseed also excellent. I was too stuffed for the cheesecake! I had scrambled eggs w/Hungarian sausage,scalloped potatoes, cucumber salad, and butter lettuce w/ smoked gouda.The food, ambience, and (wine) was really wonderful. Our waiter could not have been more personable.
                  I know they are having an open house Jan 21"09- complimentary appetizers etc.--a good way to reacquaint yourself with good Hungarian food if you're missing it as I was!

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                    I think Hortobagy was also called Laszlo's. Wasn't that impressed with Csardas, so this is good news.
                    Anyway, I'm excited to have the wooden plate, is there a website?

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                      I'd be very surprised if they had a website. What is the wooden plate?

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                        The wooden plate from Hortobagy was this two person dish. Its a big round wooden plate, with red cabbage and browned potatoes on the bottom (tasted like browned in duck fat or something else) topped by a variety of Hungarian breaded meats (schnitzel, this ground seasoned meat patty), pork chop like thing and a bit of Hungarian bacon and a piece of pickle on top.

                        This was my favorite dish at Hortobagy and we ordered it every time (with extra red cabbage). I also liked the roasted duck there.

                        I think this is a classic Hungarian dish. Many, many years ago (I'm talking like 30 years), there used to be this Hungarian restaurant in Hollywood called Paprika that had it also.

                        If you go back and try the wooden plate at Maximillian's (before I do) please report. Csardas's wooden plate was not as good, and the cabbage and potatoes were placed in two small bowls on the plate with breaded meats balanced on top, and the day we went it was missing the bacon. Not as good as Hortobagy's.

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                          We have a website: try www.MaxInNoHo.com which will give you the menu (which has a tendancy to change slightly to refresh itself often) directions, and, best of all, upcoming events, like the Gulyas Party on March 15 and the concert special March 27. Wine tasting event is in the works.

                    2. They don't really have any baked goods, but the owner is a trip and they import tons of goods from Hungary.


                      Otto's Import Store & Delicatessen
                      2320 W Clark Ave, Burbank, CA 91506

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                        Yes they do. They have a poppy seed roll and walnut roll. Nothinglike my mother made, but you do what you have to to get your memories fed.

                      2. It's Polish but good and homey, BYO beer/wine: Polka on Verdugo between Glassell Park and Glendale.

                        1. Maximillian's is great -- we ate there last weekend. I am marrying into a Hungarian family, and they love Laszlo's food and have been going to his restaurants since my fiance was a boy. We had the wood plate -- we split it between three people, and it was PLENTY of food. We ordered spatzel on the side. I'm learning to cook Hungarian dishes, and Laszlo gives me something to aspire toward -- everything was deep, rich, and lovely. Stand outs were the cherry and poppy seed dessert and the roast duck.

                          I don't have a lot of other Hungarian food to compare this too -- just my fiance's mother's cooking (divine) and the couple of Hungarian restaurants I've been to. It was a lovely night. I would have preferred a more casual atmosphere (white linen and pastels were a bit of an overkill - this is hearty, rustic food), but the waitstaff was fantastic and Laszlo came out to chat about the old days.

                          Good times.

                          11330 Weddington St, North Hollywood, CA 91601

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                            I also like Maximilian's, but I've never tried the baked goods. The goose liver appetizer is delicious, but the weinerschnitzel fell a little flat. However, over the various visits, I've generally enjoyed it. I agree it's a little stuffy for what it is. But overall, I like it and I'll be back.

                            I had lunch at Duna Csarda's last week, and they have dramatically improved the quality, both the atmosphere and the food. In addition to a lunch buffet for $8.95, the menu is quite broad and easily accommodated everyone. I had the stuffed cabbage which was tender, perfectly cooked and spiced exactly as I like it. It's served over saurkraut, which I would have preferred to have a little more bite, but it was still delicious. The plate has about 1/6 inch of liquid on the bottom, so they presciently serve the potatoes on a separate dish alongside so they don't get soggy.

                            Service is fine, nothing outstanding but nothing subpar. They're very friendly in a family kind of way.

                            5820 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90038