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Romantic Noodles

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Okay, tall order here, I know - but I'm looking for a nice place where we can get some really good noodles (asian) that's romantic and not super cheap. I initially thought Soba Totto, but the midtown location/business lunch vibe kinda turns me off. I haven't actually been there, so I might be totally wrong, of course. I was thinking then OG (Oriental Grill) in the East Village, but kind of wanted to make this a nice dinner and it might be a little too inexpensive. But I can't find a menu online, so I'm just kind of getting that vibe. I'd like to spend around 100 dollars, before tip, including wine/drinks, for two. Any leads out there? I'm really open to any location, as long as it has a more-romantic-than-business vibe to it.

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  1. 15 East.

    They make fresh soba every day.

    With other apps and food, you will get to 100 easily.

    And it's quite romantic and cozy (IMO)

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    2. Soba Koh has a very calming vibe not exactly romantic but I think it would make a good date restaurant.