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George Brown restaurant?

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Does anybody have the scoop on the new George Brown chef school restaurant -- when it's opening, will it be the same concept as the old one, etc? I had hoped to tour it during Doors Open but didn't make it. It looks like a great location.

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  1. The dining area is coming along. I think it will be ready for September.

    1. My wife and I did the Doors Open tour. The building is stunning, even nicer than I expected. They told us the restaurant will be opening to the public in September. I assume they need to have a full semester worth of students to staff it, and I doubt they have that during the summer months.

      1. I was there during Doors Open - it's a very nice looking space and what's interesting is that they have a couple of overhead cameras in the kitchen - they plan on showing what is happening in the kitchen on the screens inside the restaurant and on those facing King St. W.

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          Thank goodness they didn't have those cameras in the restaurant when I was a student chef there! Not that there was nearly as much action to watch as in a regular restaurant kitchen. They would have 2 or 3 of us working on something that would normally be done by one experienced chef. Are they going to show the chef instructor eating one of each appetizer, main course and dessert, as our chef instructor at the time did (let's just say, he was a large man!).

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            I think we had the same chef instructor!
            When I was a student chef there, I wouldn't have been happy with the idea of being on camera. After working in several open kitchens, you get used to people watching.
            I think the cameras are a great idea, and should help GB get some much needed publicity.

        2. Does anyone know if the bake shop will be open in the same spot? My MIL is desperate to find out.

          1. What I've heard also is there are a few possible names being batted around (they might have decided by now)

            The names were:

            The Chef's House
            The Chef's House at 217

            I don't like any of them, "Here" huh? Plus, it's not a chef's house at all, I don't get any of the possible names at all, I hope they pick something different. Even something like "L'ecole" would be better.

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              I guess they are doing away with the tradition of naming it after the previous retired maitre d'? I kind of liked that idea.

            2. Went there during Doors Open and spoke with Chef Higgins. He indicated that one of the goals of the restaurant is to focus on highlighting new local talent as well as guest chefs. They may also have theme nights for specific cuisines. He said that all we hear about is the same names about town and how everyone was lamenting about Susur leaving. However, there are some great up-and-coming chefs that need showcasing. Hear, hear.

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                That would be a great idea, if someplace decided to feature a new chef every few weeks or so and have a totally new menu for them.

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                    Early september, they've started posting "help wanted" ads for front of house staffing.

                    Back of house is taken care of by students from the 2 yr intergrated program and post grad French/Italian programs.

                    Possible guest chefs include Vikram of Vij's from Vancouver.

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                      Thanks, aser. Looking forward to when it opens. :)

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                        early Oct is now the date, menu development/internal soft run in Sept.

                        other potential guest chefs include jp challet, david lee, dario tomaselli, norman laprise. This isn't written in stone, so take it w/ a grain of salt.