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May 27, 2008 06:26 PM

High Fiber and/or High Protein Dessert??

Looking for a dessert for kids on a special high fiber and protein diet. It does not have to be sugar free or have any specific limitations. Any ideas?

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  1. How about something like a ricotta, real whipped cream, and vanilla mixed well and topped with fresh raspberries and mint? Or blueberries minus the mint and add lemon zest....

    1. May be rice pudding?

      Or some granola mix / crunches on ice-cream / frozen yogurt.

      1. Chocolate nut cakes if they like nuts. In fact, you can use nut flours to great success in cakes. My kids LOVE nuts and so they love it when I make nut flour cakes. They can be made into just about anything and their friends eat them too.

        Not sure how high is high, but there is a silken tofu chocolate pie that people that aren't dairy free love. Again, pair with a whole nut crust for a fiber boost.

        Crisps - fruit is high fiber, top with a nut and or oat topping and some sweetened greek yogurt (like Fage or TJs). The yogurt is very high in protein.

        Fresh farmers cheeses can be high in protein and depending on the kids...

        Souffle - high in protein. My kids love them, but then again my kids will eat anything that is dessert.

        Carrot cake - higher in fiber.

        Crepes - higher in protein, paired iwth fruit for fiber.

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          these are great. Do you have a favorite recipe for a chocolate nut cake? Do you use solely nut flour or also add white flour?

          1. re: chocolate chick

            I don't have a recipe really handy, but usually something along these lines. I often make a sponge cake out of almond meal to use as an upside-down cake (think cherry chocolate upside-down cake).


        2. Custard cups using a crushed Grape Nuts base instead of pastry.

          1. Maybe granola or oatmeal cookies with chopped dried fruit in them (cherries, raisins, cranberries, etc) and fresh or frozen yogurt on the side?