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High Fiber and/or High Protein Dessert??

Looking for a dessert for kids on a special high fiber and protein diet. It does not have to be sugar free or have any specific limitations. Any ideas?

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  1. How about something like a ricotta, real whipped cream, and vanilla mixed well and topped with fresh raspberries and mint? Or blueberries minus the mint and add lemon zest....

    1. May be rice pudding?

      Or some granola mix / crunches on ice-cream / frozen yogurt.

      1. Chocolate nut cakes if they like nuts. In fact, you can use nut flours to great success in cakes. My kids LOVE nuts and so they love it when I make nut flour cakes. They can be made into just about anything and their friends eat them too.

        Not sure how high is high, but there is a silken tofu chocolate pie that people that aren't dairy free love. Again, pair with a whole nut crust for a fiber boost.

        Crisps - fruit is high fiber, top with a nut and or oat topping and some sweetened greek yogurt (like Fage or TJs). The yogurt is very high in protein.

        Fresh farmers cheeses can be high in protein and depending on the kids...

        Souffle - high in protein. My kids love them, but then again my kids will eat anything that is dessert.

        Carrot cake - higher in fiber.

        Crepes - higher in protein, paired iwth fruit for fiber.

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          these are great. Do you have a favorite recipe for a chocolate nut cake? Do you use solely nut flour or also add white flour?

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            I don't have a recipe really handy, but usually something along these lines. I often make a sponge cake out of almond meal to use as an upside-down cake (think cherry chocolate upside-down cake).


        2. Custard cups using a crushed Grape Nuts base instead of pastry.

          1. Maybe granola or oatmeal cookies with chopped dried fruit in them (cherries, raisins, cranberries, etc) and fresh or frozen yogurt on the side?

            1. I've been making these chocolate haystacks that are really high in fiber (using fiber one cerial) , peanut butter and chocolate. They are awesome for weight watchers and exactly what you're looking for, and delish taboot!!! Here's one version, although I think I got mine from Hungry Girl;



              1. Anything predominantly egg based--bread pudding (made w/ whole grain bread, or even a dried quick bread w/ veggies), custard, including creme brulees, flans, creme caramel. I'd highly recommend checking out King Arthur's Whole Grain cookbook. Kids love the brownies and no one can believe they're whole grain.

                1. high fibre and high protein: breakfast bean cookies, I have posted here:

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                  1. Chocolate tofu pie. The filling is silken tofu which has a ton of protein. You can find lots of versions but Alton made one

                    If you want a decent high fiber crust you might try a variation on this one from Fat free vegan blog.
                    Since fat isn't an issue for you, you could add butter as a binder to the oatmeal crust. You could also use fiber one cereal ground into crumbs for a graham cracker like crust.

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                      I second Super Salad. Tofu, particularly the silken variety, is used widely by veg-heads and vegans to replace products like dairy and eggs in recipes. I've used it in recipes for mousse/pudding type things and no one knows the better. I've primarily done it for my vegan sis, and sometimes for friends or family who are somewhat diet-restricted as well.

                    2. There is a product called Pre-biotic "enriched inulin." It is a active fiber that stimulates digestive health & bone health too. You can find it in health food stores. It's in a powder form with 1/3 the sweetness of sugar, it does not spike blood sugar so it is also safe for diabetes. You can add it to any food or drink that is high in protein. If you also add vit. D to it, it can boost you kids bone density even more.

                      There are different types of Pre-Biotic inulin available, but this "enriched inulin" is extracted from chicory root & is the only one proven to improve bone health. Why not?

                      For kids they will only need 2g (equivalent to fiber of 1 cup of broccoli) daily for its beneficial affect & 5-8g for adult. 2 weeks daily for digestive health, 8 weeks for bone health. A research was conducted on this particular item where post menopausal women can gain 25% more bone density in just 1 yr.

                      This product is not recommend for people who want to gain weight, since taking it long term stimulates the hormone GLP-1, which creates satiety that reduce your food intake, & will make you loose excessive weight.

                      It is perfectly safe for kids, since the Europeans are adding it to their new born infant formulas.

                      Hope this helps. My family loves it. :)

                      1. I would recommend adding psyllium husk (should be available in health food section of supermarket) to your standard dessert recipes as it is extremely high in fibre. Although this may require some experimentation as it could alter the texture of your recipes. On its own in water it has a slightly sweet taste, but it is not the sort of flavour that would overpower your dessert - unless it is particularly delicate.

                        1. How about goat cheese cheesecake? With some fruit/berries maybe. I don't have a specific recipe, but goat cheese has a lot more protein than cream cheese, similar texture, though a bit more expensive.

                          1. Oatmeal cookies with a high ratio of oatmeal-to-flour, including nuts and dried fruit (raisins, cherries, or cranberries).

                            1. i make key lime mini pies -
                              1 cup of all bran extra fiber run through a coffee grinder or processor to make fine crumbs mixed with water or some butter buds or butter if you prefer, then pressed into greased mini tins. bake for 5 mins til golden. chill in fridge. make vanilla sugar free pudding with skim milk and add key lime juice to taste. fill cups and let set. whip egg whites with sweetener of preference til stiff, cover tarts and broil til meringue is golden.

                              barley pudding...
                              fat free cottage cheese mixed with sweetener, cinnamon, and vanilla. then add some cooked barley, and nuke in micro til gooey.

                              grind all bran extra fiber til powdery, then mix with a little cottage cheese and egg whites, vanilla and cinnamon. cook in a greased skillet to make mini pancakes. serve with some sweetened total yogurt or jam or syrup or whatever.

                              make a butternut squash or sweet potato souffle - use egg whites (and add a little protein powder (vanilla or flavorless); or just mix cooked squash or potato with sweetner, some egg whites, cinnamon, and vanilla, then bake off. serve with vanilla yogurt or whipped cream or ice cream...

                              1. I have been making a oatmeal - almond butter mix that's easy and no-back:


                                1. (1) If nothing fancy is required, bake a sweet potato, slice it half long ways and open, score the surface, add butter and brown sugar.
                                  It's the skin that contins more fiber, so leave that on if they will eat the skin.
                                  You can also mash this all together in a whip, but you get more sugar action if it's just sprinkled all over the top of the scored potato. Again, try to get them to eat the potato skin.

                                  And, it seems there is a nutritional difference between sweet potato and yam. So, choose the sweet potato for more protein.

                                  Sweet potato nutrition facts at http://www.nutritiondata.com/facts/ve...

                                  Yam nutrition facts at http://www.nutritiondata.com/facts/ve...

                                  (1)(b) Well, I just Googled for "high fiber dessert recipes" and found this recipe for sweet potato "souffle" in case you want fancier.
                                  See, http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Sweet-Po...

                                  (2) Zucchini bread
                                  Paula Dean's recipe is good. It's on Food Network website.
                                  Grate zucchini skins and all and use whole wheat flour.

                                  (3) Pumpkin Bran muffins

                                  (4) Apple crisp (leave the skins ON

                                  1. Check out the recipes on the Fiber One site. They look really good!

                                    I also suggest cheese blintzes or crepes. I just made gorgonzola blintzes with a concord grape sauce that was both sweet and piquant.


                                    Gorgonzola Blintzes with a Concord Grape Sauce*

                                    makes about 15 blintzes


                                    For the Blintzes (from How Stuff Works


                                    3 eggs
                                    1 cup All-Purpose flour
                                    1 tablespoon corn starch
                                    1/2 teaspoon salt
                                    2 tablespoons butter at room temperature
                                    For the Filling

                                    1/2 cup ricotta cheese
                                    1/2 cup cream cheese at room temperature
                                    1/2 cup crumbles Gorgonzola or Gorgonzola dolce
                                    For the Concord Grape Sauce

                                    4 cups concord grapes (reserve a small handful to garnish at serving)
                                    3 tablespoons water
                                    3-4 tablespoons sugar to taste
                                    For the Topping

                                    sour cream


                                    For the Blintzes

                                    Combine all ingredients except butter in a food processor or blender. Mix until fully incorporated. Heat a 6-8 inches nonstick pan over medium heat. Dab a pastry brush into butter and spread a small amount in pan to coat. Add enough batter to just coat the pan. Swirl pan to evenly distribute batter. Cook 1-2 minutes on each side, allowing blintz to get golden brown. Transfer blintz to plate and stack them as you go.

                                    For the Filling

                                    Combine ricotta, Gorgonzola and cream cheese in food processor until smooth.

                                    For the Concord Grape Sauce

                                    Heat a heavy bottomed sauce pan over medium heat. Add grapes, water and sugar. Bring to a low simmer and cook uncovered for 20 minutes. Strain grapes through a chinois or fine sieve. Return sauce to pan and simmer on low until the sauce is thickened.

                                    To Assemble

                                    Add 2 teaspoons of filling to the top 1/3 of blintz. Roll over top and fold in sides. Roll blintz like a fajita to make a package. Brown blintz in a small pat of butter on each side for 1-2 minutes, until the blintz is browned. Plate blintz and drizzle grape sauce over top. Add a small dollop of sour cream and garnish with concord grapes.

                                    *Everything can be made a day or two ahead of time, then reheated and assembled prior to serving. The blintzes can be wrapped and frozen for one month.