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May 27, 2008 06:15 PM

Blitzburger North Brunswick, NJ

Just had dinner there.


Great burgers, and aside from burgers the rest of the food we ordered was REALLY REALLY good considering it's a strip mall burger joint.

Service was excellent.

5 people, bunch of appetizers, 88$ (20 of it was Ribs we ordered for appetizer)

Everything was just really good. I'd recommend it. One of us had a salad with tuna, and potato salad and cole slaw on top, it could feed an army. I have pictures on my cell phone I'll upload tomorrow.

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  1. I'm waiting for the photo. Will you post it here on is there another location on the boards?

    I pass that location alll the time on the way to Shop Rite. Always been curious, but had shopping to do.

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    1. re: NJFoodie

      I get crap from the moderators a lot for referencing and not posting pictures here, but the photo-posting here stinks. The pictures are on my blog.

      It's one of those, the owner is the chef and you'll see him in the dining room type places....think of what "Fridays" would be like, if the FOOD was actually GOOD. Same type menu, but with GOOD food.