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May 27, 2008 06:04 PM

1st date/dinner in Bethesda - Dinner recommendations

I ran a search and couldn't find what I was looking for so here we go. Typical scenario, first date with a girl (both guy and girl are in mid 20's), looking for somewhere with good food, low-to-medium noise level, and nice atmosphere in Bethesda.

My experience in Bethesda thus far: Jaleo - good food but too noisy for a first date, Black's - bar menu is good but the a la carte is a little pricey, Houston's excellent food but pricey, Foong lin - yuck, Rock Bottom is ok, BD's is good but too casual for a first date, Tommy Joes also too casual. I enjoy a nice bottle of wine with dinner, if that helps any.

Recommendations are welcome, let's make this dinner a good one :)

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  1. Try Persimmon. The food is very good, prices reasonable and the decible level reasonable.

    1. How about Mon Ami Gabi, sitting outside, bottle of wine, some mussels, steak frittes, a strawberry crepe to share.....expresso.....

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        I second the Mon Ami Gabi recommendation... The food is reasonably priced, delicious, and is a mildly impressive choice without it being pretentious or coming on too strong.

      2. Olazzo! It's laid back and there is even outdoor seating. Plus, they have a half-price wine night!

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          I second Olazzo- it's one of our go-to places for a nice casual night out. I also like Mia's Pizza from time to time, it's got a cute atmosphere, but it's sort of hit or miss some night (if it's filled with families and small children running around, might not be what you're looking for).

          1. re: gyozagirl

            i third olazzo. Guardados is very good also, similar food to jaleo in a more laid back atmosphere.

        2. How about Cesco or Grapeseed?

          1. Bacchus has a nice patio and is a little off the beaten path. Gaffneys on Wisconsin has decent food and is quiet. And for something different, the Irish Inn in Glen Echo.