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way too many onions

I saw a huge bag of onions marked down in the market yesterday. Grabbed them but am now stymied as to what to do with them.

I roasted some with zukes and baby eggplants for a veggie platter. Am hoping that fellow CH will know what else to suggest.


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  1. Make caramelized onions. Search on chowhound or in google and you'll find all the info you need.

    1. God bless the French and the Statue of Liberty. Onion soup, onion tarts and pissaladière.

        1. Onion confit. Delicious and handy to have on hand to enhance lots of other dishes.

          1. My name shows up as having posted, but there is no post. Strange.

            My suggestion is onion confit. You can do it in your slow cooker, low and slow and caramelized and delicious. Useful to have on hand to enhance other dishes.

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              Do you have instructions for caramelizing onions in the slow cooker? Is it simply slice, add butter and wait.

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                Sorry I didn't get back to this thread. It really takes some experimentation to get onion confit done the way you like it. It ends up being more than caramelized, almost like a marmalade consistency. I used my slow cooker, and cooked it all night on low. That didn't get it far enough along, so I turned it up to high and still cooked it for another 8 hours. Don't add much liquid, or you'll be waiting forever. Uncover the slow cooker if you need to reduce the liquid. Rough chop your onions, add butter, and perhaps a bay leaf and some thyme, depending on your preference.

                Here's a link to a recipe posted at eGullet, where I first heard of onion confit: http://recipes.egullet.org/recipes/r1...

                I read the onion confit thread there and a number of people said they didn't add the sugar that is called for in the recipe. Personally, I made a simpler version, but there were raves for the recipe I linked to.

                Uses? French onion soup, pizza topping, sandwich topping, on toasted baguette, really, use your imagination.

            2. Those carmelized onions freeze nicely, too! I like them in a crepe with a mild sausage and eggs and a little swiss cheese.

              Mujadarrah is super good. Carmelized onions, lentils, rice or bulghur, harissa stirred in at the end, YUM. Use lots of olive oil.

              The brisket recipe that's sort of famous on epicurious (I think it made it into the Gourmet cookbook) is scrummy made with lots of onions.

              1. Chop them and freeze them for future use.

                1. Onion Rings !!! Batter them with Panko for Crunch !!!

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                  1. There is no such thing as "too many onions."

                    Raw in salads. Quick-pickled (just marinated) for salads and sandwiches of all sorts. Mince or chop and fry till transparent to add to any cooked vegetables, baked potatoes, etc.

                    If you still think you have too many, send 'em over to my house.

                    1. Caramelized onions you can save for sandwiches. I also love onion tarts with thyme.

                      1. You can make french onion soup nicely. I make indiviual portions up to the point of where you bake them, freeze them in the bowl you would eat it in, then once frozen slip it out and stack in zip loc. Or freeze a big portions then thaw and proceed to make for dinner for the family. The individual portion size, is wonderful for my cravings....

                        1. This will sound ridiculous but you can basically bake them whole with the skin on - just cut an X across the top and bake them until they are hot, soft and sweet and then eat them out of the skin like a potato. They can be topped with butter and sugar or there are all sorts of variations.

                          1. creamy carrot soup with onion, ginger and curry --- utterly delicious, hot or cold!
                            double the onions in this: http://www.cooks.com/rec/doc/0,1948,1...

                            1. Pickled onions are easy to make, keep a long time in the fridge, and easy to adjust to your own taste; if you like hot and spicy add more chilies; sweet, add more sugar. I like an asian flavor so I use cinnamon sticks, whole black pepper, whole cardamom pods, cloves, chilies and sugar. I like these onions heaped on a grilled hamburger. (Please forgive if this is a repeat post!)

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                                a recipe for pickled red onions, but i'm sure regular onions would be good, too:

                              2. julia child's french onion soup is a delicious, easy solution to your problem. and you can make caramelized onions with any extra onions - they'll shrink to nothing.

                                i also like the pickled onion idea, especially given that it is burger season.

                                how big was the bag?

                                1. Zwiebelkuchen! (German onion cake with yeast dough, and a custardy oniony topping) If I'm in a hurry I use premade pizza dough, the topping has sour cream, eggs, lots and lots of onions, some bacon if you like, and caraway (again, according to taste). Quick, easy, tasty, a great breakfast or lunch snack-- and in fact, it freezes fairly well for reheating.