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Looking for meatloaf

Some relatives are coming to town this weekend, and one of them wants meatloaf for lunch on Saturday afternoon. Since I have an aversion to meatloaf due to nightmares from my mom's not so great version of this so many years ago, I have no idea where to go.

I'm looking for a comfortable place in Boston that will be open for lunch on weekends and also serves beer & wine.

Any ideas?


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  1. Coda in the South End would fit the bill: casual but nice looking, open for lunch on weekends, beer and wine (and good cocktails), and a terrific, very beefy-tasting turkey/portabello mushroom meat loaf.

    Most of my other favorites (Franklin Cafe, Zon's, Silvertone) aren't open for weekend lunch.

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      Coda's lunch menu is quite limited and does not include their meatloaf, which is terrific. Menu is at:

    2. I have not had it in years but i used to really like John Harvards meatloaf. They slice it then grill the slices

      1. I had a fantastic beef meatloaf at Pops last week, but I believe it is only on the dinner menu. Could you have lunch at 5:30?

        If Boston extends to Cambridge: I've had passable meatloaf at Zoe's Diner on Mass Ave near Harvard Square. It's only normal diner meatloaf, but ok nonetheless. They have a surprisingly decent beer selection and they do serve wine. You could also go to ASSBar in Inman for a meatloaf sandwich, I don't love it, but they guy next to me did. I think it has a much cooler vibe than Zoe's.

        Unless they're desperate for beef meatloaf (where are they coming from where you can't find meatloaf?), I'd hit Coda or wait until dinner and get to Pops.

        Pretty blog, BTW.

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          Agreed: I have long been a fan of the eatanddestroy blog.

        2. Agree with the Pops selection, and (reluctantly) with Coda.

          Does Union still have that great meatloaf? For some reason, haven't been in quite a while.

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                Well! Guess you're not gettng invited to the Tim's Tavern reunion party I'm organizing at Coda.

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                (That was in response to Joanie's "Dude, it's time to let it go post," not Gini's plaintive appeal to be invited to the Tim's reunion dinner.)

                So, who wants to do the "So long (finally) Tim's Coda Dinner"?

                Could be fun, and you can watch me shed tears.

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                Union does meatloaf?! I missed that one. They've long had a pretty good burger, but meatloaf doesn't seem to fit the rest of their menu; too comfort-y for them. The short ribs app is what I get there when I want something beefy/fatty/substantial.

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                  They used to have little individual meatloafs. Like I said, haven't been in a while, so don't know if they still do.

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                  Tell us, what do you think of the burger?

                3. I've never personally had it, but I was at Lucky's recently & noticed they have a homemade Meatloaf on their menu. Seems like it may fit the bill..?

                  EDIT: Sorry, I didn't realize that's the ONE day they're not open for Lunch!

                  Lucky's Lounge
                  355 Congress Street, Boston, MA 02210

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                    Don't believe Lucky's is open for lunch on Saturdays.

                  2. I really like the meatloaf at Demos in Watertown - great sauce, huge portion, and they serve beer and wine.

                    1. I noticed meatloaf on the menu at Stephanie's on Newbury Street yesterday afternoon. Could be a good call on the sidewalk if the weather is nice. I enjoyed the tuna tartare over avocado with cucumber and a sauce with a slight kick. Only complaint was the tuna was a little mushy. Before anyone rips the place to shreds, has anyone actually eaten the meatloaf at Stephanie's recently?

                      1. Thanks for the ideas. Unfortunately, the lunch has to be in the early afternoon. I am going to give Coda a call on Friday to see if they would be willing to make a meatloaf during lunch. If they won't, I'll check out the other places.

                        I might just try to convince the meatloaf obsessed relative to settle for a non-meatloaf oriented comfort food lunch elsewhere.

                        1. Deluxe Town Diner does a fine meatloaf plate, available at all hours.

                          Deluxe Town Diner
                          627 Mount Auburn St, Watertown, MA 02472