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May 27, 2008 05:05 PM

New BBQ in Houston: Pierson and Co.

Hey gang-

Not sure if this has been covered or not, but a new bar-b-que stand opened up in my neck of the woods, close to T.C. Jester and Tidwell on the NW side of town. It's Pierson and Company, at 5110 T.C. Jester, phone 713-683-6997. Now, I've had a sinking feeling in my gut ever since Williams Smokehouse burned down last year, as I've never been a fan of most of the cue in Houston. Specifically, I hate the sauce at Thelma's (too sweet), I find Goode Company to be terribly underwhelming in all respects, and the chain joints are... well... chain joints. If I had to pick, it would be Luling City Market off Richmond (or more accurately, off W. Gray as well); they are inconsistant, but with sauce that good, it makes up for it.

Imagine my suprise as I drove past and saw Pierson and Company. Bar-b-que that's new to me, and only three blocks from a turn I've taken once a week for four years: slam on the brakes. Fifteen minutes and $15 later, I had a pound of brisket and a quart of beans.

It smelled great.

To be honest, I wasn't expecting much. Too many food disappointments in my life, with bar-b-que leading the assault. Pierson's was good. Damned good. The sauce was smoky and not overly sweet, the brisket was very good, and suprisingly enough, a side dish stole the show. The baked beans were a revelation, with chunks of meat and a great flavor. Two thumbs up. It's not Lockhart good, but better than most anything else in the city.

Check it out. It might have been just a great day, where the stars aligned, but it was worth a second (and third) visit.


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  1. Thanks Mike! That is literally down the street from us and I saw the article in the Leader about it, and want to try it. My DH drove by and said it was dead as a doornail, but it was at an off time, so I didn't give that much thought. Now we have to go! A BBQ joint is one place he will eat!

    1. Goodness gracious, great balls of fire!!!! We went by there the other night and it was close early. So my DH went by today and asked what the deal was. They had A/C problems and had to close early, but tonight they were open. She even said that they close at 7pm, but if we were going to be late, just call and they would stay open for us! What service! So, we went around 6pm, got a pound of sliced brisket, 2 plain baked potatoes and an order of bread pudding (total around $15.). As we ordered we were given sample of the sliced brisket - very good. Then as we waited for our order the owner, Clarence, asked if we liked ribs - YES! So we each got a sample of the ribs, then a sample of the beans (superb), and the peach cobbler (homemade - to die for, like grandma made it.) Next he offered us a taste of the sausage, all beef with a terrific kick of spices, but not too hot. By the time we left we were almost full! Please take the time to make it to this place and tell Clarence that a Chowhound sent you there. It is a family run place and needs local support, and it IS worth your time! We will put it on our speed dial, for sure! Oh, and the bread pudding kicked butt, too! I am stuffed!

      One more thing - the bbq sauce was not too sweet, or vinegary - just right! Best I have had at a BBQ joint in a very long time!

      1. I have been disappointed with Texas Barbeque until I ate a Pierson's. This is the best in Houston. The sausage and brisket sandwiches are fabulous. The sauce is tremendous. The ribs are really good. This is the best that I have tasted outside of Tennessee.

        Try it, and you will love it.

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        1. Just went to Pierson and Co tonight for the first time and had a religious experience- clearly the best barbeque in Houston, and for that matter it's the best I've had in Texas. Ribs were incredible- tender and meaty, amazing smoke flavor. Next best: brisket and sausage. Great sauce - complex but not overwhelming. The bread pudding alone is worth a drive there.

          Plus the people are just about the friendliest you'll meet. If it's your first time, they give you a sizable sampler. I showed up with just my Amex card (website said they took it) but when I tried to pay they said they no longer accepted it. Clarence, the owner told me just to eat my meal and pay him "next time". I said I'd go to a cash machine and get some cash before being served, and they said, "don't be crazy, your food will be cold- sit down and eat first" I finished my incredible meal, and then drove off to get some cash. When I returned, Clarence proudly gave me a tour of the premises, showing me the smoker, and the brisket he was putting in to cook overnight. These people really enjoy what they do- and the results show.

          Upon leaving I got a friendly fist bump, and a warm goodbye...

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          1. re: gromada

            We were in Houston this past weekend and timed our drive in so that we could eat at Pierson and Co. As stated in the previous reviews, the food was great and the people were extremely friendly. We told them that we were from Dallas and had read about the restaurant on and that we timed our arrival in Houston so that we could have dinner there. We were given samples of the ribs, sausage and brisket and towards the end of our meal they brought us a sample of their wonderful bread pudding.