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May 27, 2008 04:28 PM

New Braunfels/Canyon Lake: patio dining/dog friendly?

We are about to hit the road with our elderly blue heeler again. As close as NB is to Austin,surely there are some dog-friendly restaurants there. Any suggestions?

Also, we're staying near Canyon Lake, so if you know of anything dog-friendly there, I'd appreciate the tip. TIA.

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  1. I don't know of any .Check the New braunfels Chamber of Commerce website.
    You can call them for information and also get the phone numbers for the various restaurants.In San Antonio,sometimes the Canyon Cafe has times when you can bring your dog and eat on the patio.But it is located in San Antonio in the Alamo Quarry Market Place.
    You might have better luck in Austin,since it's more liberal and an artsy town.

    1. Just wanted to report that upon the recommendation of our B&B hostess we went to a nice little place in Sattler called the Old Sattler Cafe and Bakery, which has a dog-friendly covered patio. We had a well-prepared and beautifully presented dinner of grilled trout (mine) and lamb shank (DH's), with nicely grilled asparagus and other trimmings on the side, and they brought some water for our dog without being asked. The waitress coaxed us to try their strawberry custard cake or another delight from the bakery, but we had no room left!

      And I also am glad to report (being careful to keep the focus on the food) that at our delightful and very comfortable B&B, the Firefly Inn, had sumptuous, generous breakfasts that kept us going all day. Highly recommended.

      1. The Tea Room in Gruene allows dogs on their patio. It is also one of the best places to eat in the area!

        Tea Room
        103 N West St, Uvalde, TX 78801

        1. Wimberley tx is so pet friendly! We take our Beagle everywhere in that little town and no one has problems with him! I luv luv Wimberley! We always stay at leeways cottages. Its a great place if you like cozy.

          1. Asking for a refresh here on this topic - I've got family coming into town around Thanksgiving week and they're looking for great options like this - last update with specifics was 5 years ago...