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May 27, 2008 04:07 PM

Seeking Traditional Southern Food in Raleigh/Durham

In June we have a friend visiting from "back home" in Northern California. He is use to upscale restaurants and "new american" cuisine, so we know that he is going to want to AVOID these places for REAL southern food. Fried chicken, bbq, traditional side dishes, hush puppies etc. Problem is even after five years of living here, I am hard press to come up with a place that serves dinner and still keeps it somewhat traditionally Southern. (Which begs the questions: In our area does this food still exist? Or, is it romaticized, but long gone?)

Any suggestions for restaurants?

What I have ruled out:
- Mama Dipps
- Bullocks
- South
- Watt's Grocery
- Pop's
- Danny's
- Mo's Dinner
- Porters

Thanks for your help!

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  1. Bons, and Ye Olde Country Kitchen...

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    1. re: inmybackpages

      Ye Olde Country Kitchen at lunchtime on a weekend...can't get better fed or more southern than that. Also, the ride out to Snow Camp 1) sets the scene for down home country food, and 2) lets one's appetite build sufficiently for the buffet.

    2. Allen and Sons - very traditional - so traditionally southern that you can't have a beer with your Q, alas. How about Biscuitville for breakfast. Mmmmm. Some people still like Crook's Corner for uppity southern.

      1. Joyce and Family in Fuquay. They have the best country food close to Raleigh.

        I like the vegetables better at The Old Place than at the Country Kitchen. They typically have fewer out, but they are of higher quality. The fried chicken is about the same at all three places. Be sure and check the limited hours.

        If you just want veggies, Joes Place in downtown Raleigh is pretty good. The all you can eat veggie plate is a bargain.

        The most expensive places are The Old Place and the Country Kitchen. They are both 12-13 dollars.

        The Old Place, Joyce's and the Country Kitchen are like what a grandmother might fix on Sunday, Joe's, Pam's Farm house and the Farmers market are more like what a mother might fix on Wednesday. Both styles are good, but grandmothers cooking was always better.

        1. Mostly it's long gone, or more to the point, it was always rare, with mediocre meat and threes outnumbering the really excellent places almost as much as now.

          Joyce and Family, Ye Old Country Kitchen, and Larry's Southern Kitchen (in Garner) are places I am willing to eat.

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            You had mentioned Joyce and Family on a past thread. I finally got a chance to try them. Thank You!!!! Thats the best fried chicken I have had in years...
            I had a little of everything (except the desserts) and it was all very good to excellent.

          2. Another vote for Joyce and Family. I've had the lunch buffet 4 times and liked it enough to send my Dad who grew up on a farm in the depression in Mississippi. That southern gentleman has liked it enough to go multiple times.

            The Raleigh Farmers Market restaurant does a good job too. I typically get breakfast or the 4 veggie plate. One quibble from my last visit: the batter on my fried green tomatoes was overloaded with black pepper, and the pregnant former waitress next to me at the counter really enjoyed visiting with her former coworkers but could not finish her steak & gravy because of the pepper overload.

            Maybe Smokey's Shack? M-F 11-2 only though.