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May 27, 2008 03:56 PM

Nashville-Birmingham-Tuscaloosa-Hattiesburg-New Orleans

Road trip!! I think we have New Orleans covered, but would love suggestions between there and Nashville. We're headed from Tennessee, to Alabama, to Mississippi, then Louisiana. On- and off-the-beaten-path welcome. Heavy on the Mexican (is there any?) and BBQ, natch. Thanks!

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  1. Coming through Nashville, you'll be on I-40 very likely. At the Donelson Pike exit there's a great deli called Phat Bites and their sister fine dining place, Ellendales. Both have gotten good coverage on these boards.

    Try Hog Heaven or Jack's for bbq -- they're good and they're easy to find.

    Nashville Mexican isn't particularly memorable, but try Rosepepper in East Nashville.

    For meat-n-three, our local cuisine, search these boards for Dandegure's, Arnold's, Sylvan Park.

    1. Not really "Mexican," but Mississippi has the "Tamale Trail," and it might be worth a side-trip, or two.

      In Meridian, MS (do not know where you plan on crossing over), Weidman's used to be excellent, though I have seen a few pans on CH, so their time might well have passed, as has the time for most of the places that I used to know.



      1. Are you spending the night in Tuscaloosa or just driving through? Breakfast and lunch in Tuscaloosa should always be eaten at the City Cafe in old Northport. It's a meat and three with the best biscuits and sweet tea you'll ever have. The Globe in old Northport is nice for dinner, but a real treat would be to drive out to Nick's in the Sticks - basically you just head west on 15th Avenue and drive into the boonies! Not the best food ever, but the experience is like nothing you've ever done. It's a hole in the wall that is popular with everybody that has ever attended the University of Alabama. They make a drink called the Nicodemus that is basically alcoholic fruit punch - totally amazing!

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          I grew up in Tuscaloosa and went to school there too.

          Go to the original Dreamland in Tuscaloosa. Only stop worth doing. It's a quick exit off the interstate at the Mcfarland exit. Ribs, white bread, fantastic sauce (get a box of 4 quarts to go), cans of beer/coke, and bags of potato chips. For years was cash only. Was closed down 2 or 3 times over the years by the state for income tax evasion, but always allowed to reopen b/c it was soooo good. Now has other franchised locations since Big John passed, but this one is the original and best.

          I've eaten at City Cafe ~ 500 times in my life. Great example of a meat and three for cheap, and a good small town experience, but wouldn't be the one place in T-Town to go if chosen.

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            Oh, and in Birmingham, the Highland Grill is fantastic for upscale dinner, quicker at the bar. Especially during the summer. Frank Stitts was a locovore when bein' a locovore wasn't cool........

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              Tasy1, Sabarrett's two recs are pretty good. Note however, if you pass through Birmingham on a Sunday or Monday, the better establishments are almost all closed on Sundays and Mondays are not much better.

              Birmingham, or more precisely Hoover and Homewood (Greensprings), has some pretty good taquerias to grab tacos, tortas, etc.

          2. There is some mighty fine BBQ to be had at Leatha's in Hattiesburg.