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May 27, 2008 03:52 PM

Silver Diner - Rockville Pike

I changed firms two weeks ago and have literally been working 12 hours a day. My new (temporary) office is across from the Silver Diner on Rockville Pike. After many meals at SD, I can easily report that it is some of the worst food I have ever had, perhaps surpassed in badness only by the fake, kitchy decor. There is no reason to ever go here anytime of the day for any meal or anything else. Frankly I am only writing this post because I have "post"-withdrawal symptoms.

So...If you ever find yourself at the Silver Diner despite my urging to steer clear, I recommend the Egg Salad BLT Sandwich. It is dry as a pile of fall leaves (for some reason, everything in this place tastes dry), but it is reasonably fresh, reasonably filling, and reasonably cheap. With a cup of coffee, it will sustain you until your next meal which hopefully will be somewhere else.

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  1. Have to agree on the Silver Diner chain, which is a real shame because they used to offer a pretty decent simulacra of the classic diner. Somewhere along the way, they started serving booze and "heart smart" menu items, and it all went to hell. (Who goes to a diner for a healthy meal?)

    I've done the Rockville, Springfield, and Wilson Blvd locations, and the food is uniformly uninteresting to downright bad: Sysco cryovacked 20lb bags of food product, deepfried, heavily salted, for $14. I've found tastier things in my own nose.

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    1. re: monkeyrotica

      "I've found tastier things in my own nose"

      That's the smile of the month, and may well be the smile of the month for June.

      They still make a good shake (add malt) but they've truly nosedived in recent years.

    2. Dumb question, but if it was so bad, why did you go "many" times?

      1. I ordered a burger to go once, it was horrible. The pike has tons of options for lunch and dinner. Steer clear of the SD.

        1. I totally agree with you, Pappy.

          1. Urban Barbecue is just a little ways and it's got one of the best burgers around. try that instead!