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May 27, 2008 03:47 PM

New Bakeries Stamford and nearby that are excellent

and must have decadent chocolate things please?

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  1. Darien has Good Goods on the corner of routes 124/1
    SONO - Chocopology and SONO Bake Shoppe
    Portchester - Kneaded Bread - right side of the store, not the left side

    1. Matthews on West Broad and Adams Ave.

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      1. re: PaulaT

        nbermas, the double chocolate muffin at Kneaded Bread. Not chocolate but excellent, their donuts on weekends and their almond croissants.

        Since I would drive to Stamford for excellent cake, would you drive to Scarsdale? If yes, excellent Lulu's for their chocolate covered, whipped cream stuffed yodel.

        And not chocolate cupcakes. And chocolate cakes.

        dolores knows cakes. :O)

        1. re: PaulaT

          paulaT; I have gone there many times and is good not great but they are very nice and clean.