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May 27, 2008 03:33 PM

sabu sabu

Are there any good sabu sabu restuarants in tokyo? I:m staying around ikebukuro.....any around the area?

Im also at a loss why there are no supermarkets around in tokyo. All there is are convenience stores,,,, so where do japanese get their groceries and fruit from?

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  1. It's called "shabu shabu" not "sabu sabu". There is some coverage on it on this board....Also discussed (recently) are Seibu and Tobu department store grocery stores in Ikebukuro, which are arguably two of the best in Japan. They are attached to or close to Ikebukuro Station.

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      could you please point me to the correct post. the only one i foubd about shabu shabu is Zakuro


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        Zakuro is excellent for Shabu Shabu. But I get the sense you won't want to pay 10,000 yen+ per person for the experience, which is what it will cost you. You may want to try their downmarket cousin, Shabusen, which is also pretty good and excellent value for money.

    2. If you're looking for a large supermarket, you need to go to the suburbs. (I met several No. Americans, incl. a B-school professor, who concluded there is no supermarket/Western-style grocery store in Japan because they saw none in Tokyo!)

      Not sure about Tokyo, but I usually find better priced fruit and veggies at "yaoya" than supermarkets.

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        Just as an FYI, there are supermarkets (some large) all over the place in Tokyo. Precce, Summit, Peacock, Hanamasa, Coop are just some of the chains I can remember shopping at. And discount department stores like Tokyu, Daiei, and Ito Yokado, which are also all over the place, are large grocery stores on the first floor and sometimes second floors. These places all resemble large American supermarkets.

        ...I found the best prices for produce at neighborhood yaoya style markets- though not the high priced $50 melon ones, but more street market style places that were usually grouped together.

      2. Once you know where to look, the Ikebukuro station area is a great place for grocery shopping. The basement of Seibu Ikebukuro department store is one of the biggest department store food floors in Japan. Two floors actually, including a big grocery store area at the south end and many many stalls throughout the complex. Also underground near the north end of Seibu is a separate, very big grocery area that's not run by Seibu. Over on the west side of the station Tobu Department Store has a similar setup, but I think Seibu's is bigger.

        1. There's a branch of Mo Mo Paradise right across from Ikebukuro station, with all-you-can-eat shabu shabu. 5950-4129.

          1. Just find a large department store and go to the bottom floor and you will find INCREDIBLE SUPERMARKETS that are clean, everything fresh and incredible fruits and vegetables (with prices to match)

            As far as shabu shabu goes try Shabu-Zen. It is a chain of Shabu Shabu Restaurants throughout Tokyo. They have a number of choices of differnt Shabu Shabu Meals including all-you-can-eat options. No matter what meal you select... you won't find any thing better in the states. The worst quality meat is better than anything I have had in the U.S. If you order the top quality meat you are in for a treat. Cost is anywhere from $30 per person on up.