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May 27, 2008 03:08 PM


Well guys/girls, I wanted to pass along my experience at Ketchup from last Saturday night. Our table wasn't ready when we (along with our guests) arrived so we opted to the bar for a cocktail to pass the time. Although it's not unusual sometimes to deal with attitude from staff when visiting a trendy hotspot restaurant, I was extremely shocked by what we encountered at Ketchup. The bar staff was so extremely rude I couldn't believe it. The guy behind the bar actually got into an arguement with one of my guests over the kind of Vodka he ordered with his drink. The bartender heard something differnet than what my guest actually ordered and refused to admit his mistake. The last time I checked, I don't think it's good for business for anyone on staff to go on for 3-5 minutes arguing with a guest over something so trivial as one's choice of Vodka. I actually had to tell the bartender to be quiet and to quit arguing with my guest. We should have left but our table was ready so we reconsidered. Although the manager said he'd comp our appertizers, he never did. I have to say our dinner server was great and the food was ok. Just beware of going here and be careful who you take with you. Personally, I don't think I'll ever go back. There's must too many options in LA to be treated like this.

Anyone else have a similar experience there or was I just the lucky one?

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  1. I am the easiest going person on Earth and nothing short of a threat of murder would ever make me go back to Ketchup. We were also treated like crap and after all the drama to get a table, the food and service were utterly mediocre at best.

    1. My husband and I stopped in just to check it out and have some apps., we ordered the fries, sliders, mini hot dogs and mac and cheese... plus some cocktails. The mac and cheese was actually pretty good, the fries were... fries (can't go too wrong), but how can a place possibly commit such a crime making sliders and mini hot dogs. The buns were awful and the meat on both was really dry. The cocktails were "specials," my husband's tasted like cough syrup and mine was just ehh... I love a lively place, but the music was incredibly loud and obnoxious, needless to say I will never go back even if it is someone else's treat. Like ExtraCheese... I am also pretty easy going, there just is no excuse for this place. Our server was sweet though.

      1. It's still a trendy hotspot?
        I was there last winter and had generally decent service, from host station, to bar, to table, back to bar. They had some internal communication problem between the downstairs host station and the upstairs staff. And then they did make us wait for a little bit for a table, which was purely to pretend that they are a restaurant in demand, which they are not, as there were empty tables available. David Spade was there that night, so maybe they were feeling like they're a celeb hotspot. The bartender and server in the bar area were good. We happened to be there for a small event, and thought we'd try out the food. I got what I thought might be the least offensive--the cioppino-like soup. I rarely leave food at the table, at least I'd take it home or something. But it was bad, boring, and I fell into hate, eating it. Couldn't finish it and didn't want to have anything more to do with it. The drinks were ok, I don't really remember them. The fries and a couple of the ketchups were good. I'm not going back, period.

        1. I guess this is where the saying "ignorance is bliss" comes from. To me, vodka is vodka. Unless it has less than a 40% alcohol content, I don't really care.