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May 27, 2008 02:58 PM

Anniversary Dinner for 8; with Atmosphere.. Calgary

Any suggestions.. nice place; dinner for 8 for 50th Anniversary in July; somewhere special and preferably south or central (some people coming in from Okotoks). Thanks so much!

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  1. My wife and I went to the Ranche in Fish Creek Park the day after our wedding. It was a wonderful experience, but it was 5 years ago, so I can't really speak to recent experience. Still, it was a great night. We sat on the front porch and had a very nice meal while the deer literally wandered past us.


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      I was at The Ranche a few months back and the food was quite good and the setting was wonderful. We didn't see deer but that's probably only because we weren't seated by the windows. I've been there a few times before for work functions and have thoroughly enjoyed the atmosphere and the space. There are a number of private rooms some with fireplaces if I remember correctly. Otherwise I'd suggest River Cafe on Prince's Island. Both I think have a lot to offer and the park atmosphere is a welcome change from concrete.

      The Ranche
      River Cafe

    2. While the setting is beautiful, and the service was very good, the only time I have ever eaten at the Ranche (inner city person!) I honestly didn't think the food was good. It was a wedding last August. There were some really off (for me and my significant other) -parts of the meal. A way too sweet vinaigrette on the salad,and then the (main) salmon was off (frozen too long?). There were some decent courses, which I don't remember as well as the not so good ones. What about Divino or Blink, or Rouge? Or La Chaumiere? I don't actually go out to restaurants a lot in Calgary, as we prefer to cook, but if it was my money and I was going out, based one where I've been, that's where I would go.

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        Im with AG. I'd pick Rouge. You could walk around the zoo, or hang out in Inglewood for a while if it's a nice day, and i like the food a lot better than River or Ranche.

        Going to Nectar for dessert isnt a bad option either.

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          omgosh how could I have forgotten Rouge? Apparently I was asleep at the keyboard last night, my apologies.

          I didn't think the food at The Ranche was stellar but it wasn't off by any means...maybe a bit lacking in imagination maybe but still fresh, and good quality. Atmosphere was a criteria for the OP and imho The Ranche has that in spades... but so does Rouge. Although I love Divino I don't think it has the same atmosphere as the others; the last time we were there we were seated at the back and found it quite loud...but maybe that was just the night we were there.

          I enthusiastically second going to Nectar for dessert :)

        2. I'd recommend Q Haute. We just had dinner there on the weekend (I'm planning on writing up a more detailed report on that experience for this board soon) and it was a very memorable night for us. The food was very good, the service and attention was exceptional, and the decor and location made for a really nice setting. In addition, you could reserve one of their private dining rooms for a group of 8. (and we're from Okotoks!)

          1. You guys are amazing! Thanks for all the great information. Much appreciated!