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May 27, 2008 02:16 PM

More Foodie Movies?

We love to watch what we call our foodie movies; have already seen the ones we know over and over. They are:

Eat Drink Man Woman
Babette's Feast
The Big Night
John Huston's The Dead (for the feasting, not the food)
Mostly Martha
Ratatouille (just saw, thanks, grandkids!)

Hope some chowhounds can add a few to the list!
(I know the eating scene in Tom Jones, but the movie as a whole isn't about food.)

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  1. Great topic!

    Big Night (!!!)
    Like Water for Chocolate
    Mystic Pizza
    Soul Food
    Tortilla Soup

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    1. re: nicopop

      If you've ever worked in the resto industry, I recommend the film In The Weeds. It's a romantic comedy that centers around the waitstaff of a small bistro.

      Also, Waitress the movie w/ Keri Russell, Cheryl Hines and the woman (her name escapes me) who wrote and directed it and was murdered, I think, before the release.

      Spanglish had some great food moments. My fave being when he returned from a late night at the resto and made himself a croque madam. He pressed down on the top of that sandwich and the gooey yolk ran down the sides. He also poured himself a beer and I fell in lust for that damned sandwich.

      1. Nicopop, that's three new ones for my list --- saw Chocolat and Like Water for chocolate, but forgot about them, just like I forgot about Tampopo.
        Carswell, that's a mother lode there! Before I posted I checked out the topic on this board and didn't find anything; I never realized there was a Food Media Board.
        So thanks for those links. Seems like a topic very dear to many chowhounds' hearts, not just mine. My Netflix queue is going to be overflowing.

        1. 'The Linguini Incident'
          The Taste of Tea (the family dinner is one of the focal points of this whimsical Japanese film)
          Pulp Fiction (the 5 dollar milkshake scene, the lengthy discussion about bacon over a diner breakfast, the gourmet coffee and extoling the virtues of a big kahuna burger)
          French Kiss (food, wine and a hilarious lactose intolerance scene)
          Willy Wonka
          Tortilla Soup
          Woman on Top
          Joy Luck Club

          1. The French film (Bella Martha, I think?) that inspired "No Reservations" with Catherine Zeta-Jones and Aaron Eckhart is a great foodie movie.

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            1. re: JenBoes

              German film actually, AKA English title "Mostly Martha".

              1. re: buttertart

                Yeah, I realized that Mostly Martha was already listed after I made the post. Thanks for the correction too. I didn't remember it was German