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Why are Tampa Haagen-Dasz stores closing?

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How else am I to satisfy my craving for Belgian Chocolate Chocolate (they don't sell it in grocery stores)? Are HD stores elsewhere in Florida also closing?

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  1. The one in Miami's Coconut Grove closed. Luckily though, not all of the stores are closing in Miami. That dulce de leche with cinnamon flavor is addicting (although I admit I get that from the grocery store)

    1. Girl, find yourself a good gelato shop like Pecuiggo in St Petersburg. There's one in International Plaza but I don't know the name or if it's any good but you are sure to find an exceptional replacement to your Haagen Dazs in a good gelato! It's rich, it's creamy, it's dense...it's lower in fat and calories!!!

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        The one in International Plaza is Gelateria Del Duomo. I've been there, it's very good, but I always have the strawberry (I prefer gelato in fruit flavors).

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          Duomo is out of this world! I don't make it up to IP very often, but when I do, gelato is a must. The Bacci, which is chocolate hazelnut, is the best, to die for, leaves Haagen Dazs in the dust.

      2. While I've been a big fan of Haagan-Daz for a good 30 years (and will indulge in their butter pecan on the rare occasion when I'm feeling particularly decadent), I must admit that my most recent frozen treat obsession is hazelnut gelato. Cristino's in Clearwater is my personal favorite (and it's a great denoument to their awesome coal oven pizzas).

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          What style of pizza do they serve (NY, Chicago, crispy thin, etc)? Also, the website implies that their pizzas are exclusively vegetarian, which is a bummer.

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            The owner is Italian-born, so I don't think that their pizzas can be characterized in terms of U.S. regional styles. They are thin crust and baked in a coal oven. They are not all-vegetarian; you pick one of four basic pizzas (the four-cheese is our favorite) and add the toppings of your choice, which include pepperoni and other meat offerings. They also offer ravioli and other pasta dishes, salads, and a variety of desserts.