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May 27, 2008 01:49 PM

Great place for Philly Bachelorette Party Dinner?

I am starting to plan my friend's bachelorette party that is going to take place in Philadelphia in June. I was wondering if anyone knew of a spot that would be good for this? We aren't looking to spend a ridiculous amount or anything. I was thinking a BYOB might be better for saving money. There are only going to be around 6 of us there.

I am open to any suggestions. Thanks!

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  1. Are you heading anywhere afterwards? There are a lot of options (although you should make your decision soon and make a reservation) depending on what area you would like to be in.

    1. When we did my friend's bachelorette party last June we started the night off at Swanky Bubbles in Old City. I'm not sure if you're familiar with it, but it's got a pretty large menu that will appeal to pretty much everyone. The menu has heavily Asian (including sushi) but you'll find some chicken, vegetarian & pasta dishes that will please a group. Everything is served family style which is nice for sharing. We liked it because the food isn't particularly heavy which can be good if you plan on a night of partying afterwards. They also offer a decent menu of champagne & champagne cocktails which is nice to give the party a celebratory feel. The food items aren't as pricey as a lot of the other trendy spots in the city. Also, the location is good if you want to go out in Old City afterwards or it's just a short cab ride from Rittenhouse.

      Also something to think about...While it's true that a BYOB will save you money on drinks, most of them are small and do not take reservations, especially on weekends so it may not be ideal for a bachelorette party.

      1. I had my BP dinner at Positano Coast. They have a great "patio" area with open walls and couches. Food was very good, and close to the Old City bars and clubs. Not BYOB.

        1. I was going to say El Vez before I got to the part about saving money. That said, I'd make it Lolita, bring your own tequila and let them make you margaritas.

          1. Went to Lolita for my friends Bachelorette and took tequilla for really yummy Margarita's but I would prefer The Continental or Swanky Bubbles personally for a Bachelorette Party.