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May 27, 2008 01:48 PM

Restaurant suggestions for 40th bday?

We had a couple recommend La Tour D'argent for a 'special' dinner. Would anyone say "yay" to that? Our last nite in Paris will also be my 40th bday. I did want to go to the Cristal Room but have heard only lukewarm things about it (I don't want to go somewhere with any attitude and I don't want to feel uncomfortable or self-concious for my big celebration). While Alain Ducasse at the Plaza Athenee sounds divine I can't justify paying $1000 for a meal. My bf is cool with the cost of what La Tour will be so if anyone can suggest something else we should consider?

Right now I think we are doing dinner at L'atelier Maitre Albert, Cafe de L'home, and probably Cafe Ombres plus we will be in Montmarte one evening and will just find something there.

Thank you!!

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  1. La Tour d'Argent was very stuffy and formal when I went approx 4 years ago. I was the first French restaurant of this calibre that we had visited so part of it may have be our inexperience. However, I had to borrow a tie from their cloakroom in order to be allowed into the restaurant so it wasn't a good start.

    Whilst the view is great, and the room is full of history I am afraid the food isn't that great, which is the reason Michelin has been downgrading them, and they have fallen from a 3 to a 1 star over the years.

    1. Actually, La Tour d'Argent is one of the LAST places I would think of in that price point. The wine cellar is one of the most extensive in all of France, and the view is superb, but the food is below par, has been for some years, and the ambiance is really stuffy.

      Laserre, with the roof that opens up, or Jules Verne with its spectacular views of Paris from the Eiffel Tower would both fit the WOW factor for both food and atmosphere.

      If I were looking to celebrate a special birthday in Paris right now, I would probably choose Guy Savoy based on all the recs on chowhound for that combination of great food and atmosphere. The last time I DID celebrate a special birthday in Paris, it was at Taillevent (which has since lost not only its 3rd star, but also M.Vrinat) and Macéo.

      1. We celebrated my 41st birthday at Taillevent – which was fantastic, regardless of having been dropped to 2 stars.

        Guy Savoy’s restaurant looks superb – but at €275 per person for the degustation menu without wine, it’s very pricey….

        1. I would recommend Auguste for a new place, or join Daniel at Spring for the in hot thing. Jean in the 9th arr. is modern and very well run since Frederic and his wife both worked at Taillevant for many years and were trained by the incomparable M. Vrnat. I loved the food and atmosphere. Full disclosure-- Frederic was my waiter at the big T