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May 27, 2008 01:09 PM

Yummy breakfast near tourist center?

ISO yummy American-style (not ethnic) breakfast places convenient to touristy spots, which is where we'll be spending most of our time. Waffles, omelettes, pancakes, coffee, that kind of thing. Lots to see and do, so we can't go far out of the way (though I am sorely tempted by reviews of Flour Bakery, we won't have time to make the special trip :( )

We're staying at Westin Copley which I understand is not in the best dining neighborhood, but we'll be out and about seeing the main sights. No car, just walking, the T, and the Old Town Trolley.

Prefer good value, don't want an expensive breakfast.
Would also enjoy a bakery with great coffee and pastries that is more centrally located than Flour.

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  1. Breakfast/brunch near-ish to the Westin Copley and touristy areas:

    Beacon Hill Bistro (Beacon Hill) - straight-ahead breakfast fare with mildly European accents, good dark roast coffee.

    Eastern Standard (Kenmore, near Fenway Park) - not quite as good coffee, but otherwise similar to BHB.

    WEEKEND-ONLY: Sel de la Terre (Aquarium/Faneuil Hall) - upscale country French brunch.

    The only worthy pastry ideas I can think of are the Italian places in the North End: try a board search for Mike's, Maria's, and the Modern.

    There are two branches of Flour, and Boston is a walking city...maybe you could squeeze it in after all?

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        if you're going to the aqiuarium, or children's musuem, the new location is not too far from the new branch.

        the ones finlero mentioned are a tiny bit fancier, but not super fancy. touristy areas in boston dont have a lot of casual breakfast joints.

        if you're planning on being in the boston public library, copley area, METROPOLIS is only approx 4 blocks away. you can walk there easily. i love their belgian chocolate pancakes.

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          I just realized I have been confusing Flour and Clear Flour.
          Clear Flour was the one I was thinking of, that's too far to visit.

          Are they comparable?

          1. re: CookieEater

            Different people have different opinions on this, but to me, not even close.

            Clear Flour is one of a handful of honest-to-goodness boulangeries in the city, placing a strong emphasis on serious breads, croissants, and the like.

            I'd consider Flour to be an above-average bakery cafe, but I certainly wouldn't put it on my required chowing list. That said, if you're nearby either of the branches, you could definitely do a lot worse for a breakfast, lunch, or snack.

      2. My favorite place is Charlie's Sandwich Shoppe, which is only open for breakfast and lunch and is most definitely a slice of old Boston. The turkey hash is great. Charlie's is as shortish hike from the Westin, sort of behind it in the South End. That neighborhood, btw, has wonderful restaurants and parts are absolutely beautiful for walking.

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        1. re: lergnom

          Charlie's all the way. You need look no further.

          1. re: PJ Mac BJ

            I third Charlie's. No brainer if you are at the Westin. I dream of the Turkey hash. Note not open in Sundays.

        2. If youre looking for something pretty casual- Paramount on Charles St has all the basics for a good breakfast-though their coffee is lacking. Better on a weekday than a weekend though- the lines can be a little ridiculous

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            if charlie's is slammed, which it often is, keep going down washington street to Mike's Diner, around mass ave, probably 1/2 mile from Westin?

          2. I really like the Paramount and Mike's City Diner. I think Brasserie Jo also has a very good breakfast and it's about a block from the Westin.

            1. Report: Charlie's Sandwich Shoppe was great! The wait was only 10 min or so and I just love this kind of place. Random wall signage, vintage kitchen appliances, lots of Boston accents (ah, I had missed the city so much).
              We split the turkey hash and blueberry griddle cakes. (ok, somebody's gotta tell me the difference, if any, between pancakes and griddle cakes??) Turkey hash was really filling. Perhaps a little bland, but fine with salt/pepper. Never had turkey hash before so I had nothing to compare it to.
              The griddle cakes were fluffy and packed with berries! The only thing was that they were technically my bf's entree and arrived at least 10 min after my hash.

              Couldn't make it out to Clear Flour, but I had plenty else to eat so I didn't really have room anyway. It's on the list for next time.

              Thanks for the rec - it was really convenient to our hotel as well.