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Lobsters for a lobster roll party

I am planning on making lobster rolls for a party soon and wanted to know if anyone had ideas of the least expesnsive place to get lobsters. I am going to need a bunch of them! thanks!

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  1. They were on sale at Market Basket for 6.99/lb yesterday - would think it would run through Sat.

    1. I saw great prices at BJ's this past weekend - $7.99/lb for lobsters under 2lbs each, and $6.99 for bugs in the 2-6lb range. ($5.99/lb for those over 6lbs, although I know lots of people think that really big lobsters tend to be tough.)

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        bjs had a similar sale a few weeks ago. got a great 2.25lb, stuffed with meat. hard shell, but they didn't specify hard or soft shell - might have just gotten lucky.

      2. Most places that serve lobster rolls do not pick the meat from lobsters. You can buy bulk packs of pre-picked meat at seafood wholesalers like http://stavis.com/products.html
        Question is, will any of them sell it to you direct. You may try Hooks in Boston.

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            Hooks will definitely sell it to you...for just $50/lb (as of last summer).

          2. Go to Shaws and pick out your lobsters and ask them to steam them for you. Do your shopping and before you pay pick up the cooked lobsters. Get home put away your groceries and then crack your lobsters. EASY! Makes it so much easier.

            1. try to get hard-shelled lobsters not soft-shelled even if you have to spend more because you will get more meat per lobster.

              1. Got to your fish store and ask for culls (missing a claw) or the loose claws themselves. First thing in the morning is the best time, when they get in and check out the lobster tank. Last time I got some it was $3.99/lb. Although today I got 3 lobster rolls already made up on nice egg buns at Stop and Shop for $10 for all three, and they have giant chunks of claw meat in them. Not my optimum way of having lobster rolls but it beats $18 or more per at the seafood shacks! If you're buying the meat by itself, ask for the claw and knuckle meat, it's probably at least $5/lb cheaper, but still around $20.

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                  You never want to buy the cooked lobsters in the supermarket glass case or the lobster rolls! They are made out of the lobsters they find dead in the AM. bleh

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                    That is so gross! I always pick mine out live and kicking and they steam them in a pressure steamer for free. It works out great because it means I do not have to drag out the biggest pot that I own and make the mess in my kitchen. They are still warm when I get home and I pull out all of the meat for lobster salad.

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                      Yes i understand, my comment was directed to the person who bought the premade 3 for $10 lobster rolls at Stop and shop, not towards your idea of having them cook them from the tank.

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                        I have a feeling they're from frozen, as they don't have lobster tanks there. That's what the texture suggested anyway. Anyway we ate them for lunch yesterday and am still alive and well this morning ;<) I live on the East End of Long Island and can get lobster rolls everywhere I go, but seldom do at $20 a pop. I usually buy the claws and culls as I said above when I have a craving. I was actually surprised that these cheapies were so decent. And I think the original question was where to get inexpensive lobster, not the highest quality.

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                          I haven't gotten them at S&S since mine had a ton of mayo that one time. Has that changed?

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                            It had more than a traditional roll, but not over the top. Like any deli salad would have, I guess.

                2. Roche Brothers sells really good lobster salad in its deli case. That's what I'd do if I had to make a lot of rolls - much easier than cracking all the individual lobsters.

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                    Just checked their website...
                    They show the lobster salad as having celery, hellmans and lobster meat for $21.99/lb
                    They also show frozen lobster meat at $22.64/lb

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                      Sounds right! I got some last night as a treat and it had lots of claw meat, a bit of celery, not too much mayo (maybe a bit more than I'd put in if I were making from scratch) and very good flavor.