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May 27, 2008 12:41 PM

Lobsters for a lobster roll party

I am planning on making lobster rolls for a party soon and wanted to know if anyone had ideas of the least expesnsive place to get lobsters. I am going to need a bunch of them! thanks!

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  1. They were on sale at Market Basket for 6.99/lb yesterday - would think it would run through Sat.

    1. I saw great prices at BJ's this past weekend - $7.99/lb for lobsters under 2lbs each, and $6.99 for bugs in the 2-6lb range. ($5.99/lb for those over 6lbs, although I know lots of people think that really big lobsters tend to be tough.)

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      1. re: Allstonian

        bjs had a similar sale a few weeks ago. got a great 2.25lb, stuffed with meat. hard shell, but they didn't specify hard or soft shell - might have just gotten lucky.

      2. Most places that serve lobster rolls do not pick the meat from lobsters. You can buy bulk packs of pre-picked meat at seafood wholesalers like
        Question is, will any of them sell it to you direct. You may try Hooks in Boston.

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          1. re: hargau

            Hooks will definitely sell it to you...for just $50/lb (as of last summer).

          2. Go to Shaws and pick out your lobsters and ask them to steam them for you. Do your shopping and before you pay pick up the cooked lobsters. Get home put away your groceries and then crack your lobsters. EASY! Makes it so much easier.

            1. try to get hard-shelled lobsters not soft-shelled even if you have to spend more because you will get more meat per lobster.