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May 27, 2008 12:39 PM

London in August

I'm traveling to London with my daughter and granddaughter (age 14) in August for 6 days.
We will need to stretch our food/Sightseeing dollars. We are staying near St. James Park.
Would love to get restaurant suggestions from people who have traveled with sophisticated teen age girls.

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  1. hello nonny - tell us what your budget is and we'll try and help.

    tip: spend on lunch and eat light dinners. if my doctor friends are right, thats healthy as well.

    1. A "search" on "teenager" will find you several previous threads which may help.

      1. All sorts of places spring to mind - these are mainly chains, but have cool interiors and quirks: Ping Pong for dim sum, Masala Zone for thali, Wagamama, Taro - both for Japanese canteen-style, Itsu for sushi. Leon for an organic lunch.

        St Christopher's Place has loads of restaurants, and a lively atmosphere, and Canteen in Spitalfields market is good.

        You could also grab a picnic from Fortnum & Mason, then head to St James' Park...

        1. There's a very good early dinner special price at Belgo near Covent Garden. You can check their website for prices and the hours. It's a Belgian restaurant with good chicken, moules, frites etc. Every teenager I've taken there seems to enjoy the atmosphere (waiters dressed as monks) and the food.