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May 27, 2008 12:29 PM

P-town Scavenger Hunt... help?

We're leaving on Friday to spend a week in P-town. We've only been there once and for only a few hours. I know there are lots of threads on this board about P-town... but they are a little overwhelming. Anyone willing to help me find the following?


Lobster Roll:
Lobster Dinner:
Clam Chowder:
Ice Cream Shop:
Romantic Dinner:
Non-American Cuisine:
Wine & Cheese:
Beach Dining:

and, not at all food related, but...

Whale Excursion:

:) Thanks in advance!

**I should clarify that we will have a car and are willing to travel anywhere on the Cape. Though, I'd prefer recs in P-town proper.

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  1. Whale Excursion: Portuguese Princess.

    You didn't ask, but I'll submit, best (arguably) place for a cocktail(s) with local atmosphere, The Governor Bradford.

    Best Dessert: That Portuguese place, somebody that knows what I'm talking about, please help me with the name. "The Portuguese Bakery", I think?

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    1. re: MagnumWino

      Romantic Dinner: Red Inn (bring your wallet, but worth it)
      Funky fish restaurant: Clem & Ursie's (P-town) or Mac's Shack (Wellfleet)
      Not-Metioned-Must-Try: Blackfish (Truro Center)

    2. Brunch:
      Lobster Roll: Friendly Fisherman 15 min in Eastham
      Lobster Dinner: Lobster Pot
      Clam Chowder: Lobster Pot
      Ice Cream Shop:
      Romantic Dinner: Red Inn
      Non-American Cuisine: Lorraine's used to be good but I have not been in years..Bubala's has fun international lunch cuisine
      Dessert: Portguese Bakery for their custard tartes or Malasadas
      Wine & Cheese: ?
      Beach Dining: Mews, Ross's Grill, Fanazini's, Red Inn all with water beach dining
      Not-Mentioned-Must-Try: Tera Luna in Truro..

      1. You didn't ask but best breakfast - Devon in the east end and Edwidge in the center of town.

        1. Thanks! These are all really helpful suggestions. We are renting a cottage from a guy who is best friends with the owners of Red Inn. He said we should try it... glad to get that confirmed!