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Is it worth buying Virginia or other "gourmet" peanuts?

I'm looking to buy some good peanuts, and I've come across only a couple of recommendations. Are any of them actually worth the shipping costs? Any recs appreciated!

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  1. By all means....HUBS! Extra large Va. peanuts. I have always eaten the salted ones. Go to www.hubspeanuts.com
    If you order a case, the shipping is more worthwhile. Not tried their other products. Some mail order peanuts are no different than Planter's, but these make nice client gifts when you get a case of the largest cans.

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    1. re: steakman55

      If you're in the south and are talking about buying peanuts from up north and having them shipped, no.

      Just kidding, of course. Supermarkets in the south have green peanuts by the pound. Lovely things, boiled.

      Yes, when I want wonderful, large, ultra delish peanuts, I order them online. Worth every penny.

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        HUBS are some of the most amazingly delicious peanuts on the face of the planet: crisp, large, covered in delectable little "fry bubbles." My husband grew up just a few minutes from the factory, knows the family, and was raised on the things. I think they helped make him into the Yummy Man he became <g>.

      2. Try 'em and see. IMO, they're good, but not that good, when the shipping charge is more than the peanuts.

          1. In my experience, absolutely. I remember attending the Fancy Food Show at the Javits center one year, strolling for hours on end, and I didn't sample anything as memorable as the roasted Virginia peanuts. In my experience, when I've bought vacuum sealed peanuts in cans, such as Virginia Diner provides, I've been happy.

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              VA Diner peanuts are delish, as are Hubs. Way better than Planters!

            2. definitely not worth it. not that they aren't good peanuts, but the bulk purveyors & green grocers in my area carry the exact same peanuts without the fancy can & label for far less money.

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              1. re: mark

                You're not in NY, are you.

                winedude, this is a good source:


                1. re: dolores

                  Give your local Williams-Sonoma a call. We found a package of Ferridies on the clearance table this past Saturday. Marked down to $3! Two big cans. They are flavored, one hickory and the other hot and spicy but for $3 couldn't pass them up(originally $30). Still very fresh and tasty.

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                    i don't know what more i can add. i live in western north carolina, if that helps at all. i used to buy peanuts from various on-line sources. most were good. then one day i happened to check out the bulk peanuts at a local green grocer. looked identical to the ones i'd been ordering, but cost less. bought 'em, they were as good as the mail-order, and fresher. have since found them at most of the coops, green grocers, etc in my area. the only drawback is they don't carry different flavors; salted, unsalted & honey-roasted are about it, might come across a spicy one now and then.

                    1. re: mark

                      Right. But in NY, we have ziltch when it comes to the real thing.

                      A question for those in the know -- which compares to Feridies and is better than the others:

                      peanut.com, Mackey's, or Bertie? I'm not up to ordering some from each right now. TIA.

                      1. re: mark

                        We also live in western NC. We have found a great source for nuts, cheese, and lots of other things at a place called "Room Full of Nuts" Great prices on nuts, cheese and other bulk things.

                    2. re: mark

                      costco carries blister roasted virginia peanuts. it's the blister roasted part that's cool.

                    3. May I suggest the Peanut Roaster from North Carolina.


                      Not only are the peanuts big and delicious, but they have a variety of seasoned ones to choose from. And if you like honey-roasted peanuts, you must try their Hot Honeys, which are chipotle-seasoned and honey-roasted.

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                      1. re: cackalackie

                        100% agree that peanut roaster golden gourmet peanuts are the very best i've ever had. they are large, and crunchy from deep frying, i believe. so much tastier than plain roasting, imo!

                        let me add: buy smaller cans unless you're having large parties to justify opening a very large can. they'll stay fresher. worth buying a case, for sure. best deal on shipping, too.

                        1. re: alkapal

                          Okay, you convinced me alkapal. If you like them, I'll like them.

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                            believe me, they are too good. i found this brand only by accident at a tuesday morning store in ocala, fla. the price was good, but then everyone got addicted! crunchy and fresh!

                            1. re: alkapal

                              I was right, alkapal. You liked 'em, I like 'em.

                              Now, how in the heck do I stay away from three kinds of peanuts -- that I've already opened by the way.

                              Boy, are they gooooood.

                              1. re: dolores

                                wow, that was fast, dolores! you must've had a craving.

                                nice and crunchy, right? and very fresh tasting. so happy that you are happy! ;-)
                                btw, to which "three kinds of peanuts" are you referring?

                      2. Here's another North Carolina seller who is great - Mackey's Ferry Peanuts. Not only are their peanuts wonderful, they have a wide variety - blister fried, flame throwers, spanish peanuts, Cajun in the shell, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate, peanut brittle - etc. Their peanut butter is delicious too.


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                        1. re: Jeanne

                          I'll add another vote for Mackey's, mostly b/c they're 20 minutes away from my grandmother's house and I've passed the store hundreds of times in my life...

                        2. At my job we sometimes order from Bertie County Peanuts http://www.pnuts.net/ and I really like them. The spicy "blister fried" ones are addictive. I bought I couple of jars of them for my dad as a gift, and he like them a lot, too.

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                          1. re: manraysky

                            I didn't care for tinned salted peanuts until I tried a sample of Feridies (mentioned upthread by ziggylu) at Gourmet Warehouse in Vancouver. Only tried them because I thought "Boy these better be good for the price." Complete conversion on the spot. If you can find the 1134 g (40 oz) tin, it is by far the best value and stays fresh for weeks -- not that I have much data there as they usually get consumed too quickly for a controlled experiment. Crunch salty peanutty goodness that I am eating as I type (sorry, keyboard). Website is feridies.com if you can't locate them where you are.

                            1. re: grayelf

                              Yes, grayelf, that was my recommendation above too, since they were the only ones I'd ordered.

                              I have to say Peanut Roaster is as good if not better. If I could afford it (calorie-wise), I'd do a side by side!

                              1. re: dolores

                                Oops, how the heck did I miss that. Sorry, dolores! Will keep an eye peeled for Peanut Roaster too...

                                1. re: grayelf

                                  My company gave a selection of Peanut Roaster nuts to clients at Christmas for years. The one year we gave something else, a LOT of them said, "I was really looking forward to those peanuts."

                                  Needless to say, we switched back the next year and have been giving them ever since.

                              2. re: grayelf

                                Ferdies is another one of those sellers in the Peanut Mecca of the country--Southampton County, Wakefield, and a few other little towns in and around Suffolk/Franklin/Surray/Smithfiled, Virginia....all make the most amazing, large, blanched, lightly cooked (but with little crispy "bubbles" of deliciousness on the surface of each nut) fresh nuts imaginable. This region is famous for its hams, and originally those pigs were fed peanuts, to produce that wonderful country ham flavor, so the two "industries" grew up side by side. (I believe a lot of the hogs come from my state, Iowa, now....transported directly to my husband's boyhood home region, which has a certain symmetry ;-).

                                They take their peanuts very, very seriously in that part of the world, and you can taste it!

                            2. HUBS is the best!. I have tried Ferides, Va. Diner and other lesser known brands such as Plantation. HUBS produces their own products. Their chocolate covered peanut is "to die for". !!! Seriously !
                              Some of the other companies simply buy wholesale and market someone elses product ..especially all the specialty flavors and combinations. Besides "Hubs" has been in business over 55 years. They were the original. So when you order from the other companies ask the sales rep if they actually cook the product you are purchasing. They may cook the main peanut product. But they don't cook all those specialty flavors.

                              As far as ordering and asking whether it is worth the shipping costs, I think that depends on where you live and what you want the product for. As gifts go, I'd just as soon pay $5.00 for shipping than $20.00 for gas to drive to a location to find another gift only to have to turn around and ship that. Same is true if I want them for myself. (the gas part anyway !).

                              1. the peanut roaster is offering a buy one get one deal. their golden gourmet peanuts are by far the freshest and crunchiest large peanuts i've ever tasted. word to the wise...... (read upthread).

                                http://www.peanut.com/ i don't see the deal on their website, but i get their email newsletter. use the code "BOGO".

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                                1. re: alkapal

                                  I just tried to take advantage of the BOGO deal, without success. Perhaps you also need a catalog number.

                                  1. re: brentk

                                    call them 1-800-445-1404. i haven't yet, but def. will be doing so. esp. since they have new flavors i want to try.

                                    looking at their email, it says when you enter a quantity, they'll automatically duplicate the number of items.....

                                    1. re: alkapal

                                      I tried also and couldn't use the code, but that didn't really bother me, so I went ahead and ordered some w/o the code. Ordered the recommended Hot Honeys (although I hope they don't have a too pronounced smoky flavor, which some times kind of bugs me about chipotle flavored stuff), and also a can of the Pesto Parmesan ones. They looked great and could potentially be a good Christmas gift for my hungry dad. At any rate, ordered them yesterday and got an email that they've already shipped. I'll keep you all posted! And thanks for the tip alka!

                                      1. re: mjhals

                                        mjhais, did you call them and tell them about your situ and the code? i mean, twice the amount is a good deal.... i'd call them up and tell them the situ.....please don't miss out on the deal for some misunderstanding of some sort.

                                        1. re: alkapal

                                          It worked! The code worked! Not exactly how I thought it would, but it all makes sense now. First, I didn't get a chance to call because they arrived so fast (yesterday). When I picked up the package it felt awfully heavy (although to be honest, uh, I didn't have a real firm concept of how much 10 oz. actually is, I just selected the size b/c it seemed like a good mid-range). So, when I unpacked it, I realized why. They'd sent me two of each type I'd ordered, so one extra Hot Honey and one extra Pesto Parmesan. It makes sense, I bought one Hot Honey and got one free, same with the Pesto. I just didn't expect it b/c for some reason I thought I could order one Hot Honey and then get one other, any flavor, free, as long as it was the same size. And to be honest, the order/receipt is a little confusing b/c no bells and whistles go off to tell you you'll be getting an extra batch, they just stick it in there. But hey, I'm not complaining. Now I can eat one and save one for company.

                                          Now- as for how they taste- delicious. Much bigger/meatier that the usual store bought. And the flavors are awesome. I love the Hot Honeys, and they definitely don't have the smokey flavor I fear w/ chipotle stuff. I'm trying to put my finger on how to describe the seasoning, it's SO reminiscent of something, but I can't place it yet. The Pesto Parmesan are great too, but a little more subtle. Let's put it this way, I can see myself on the couch eating the Hot Honeys straight, just snacking, but I think the Pestos would go great with a cocktail, maybe a G and T, or even a glass of champagne.

                                          Anyway, thanks again alka, great tip!

                                          1. re: mjhals

                                            yay! mjhals, sooo happy that worked out!!!!

                                            i was wondering about those flavors....are hot honeys maybe like a "bbq" flavor? are they really "hot"?

                                            parmesan pesto -- is it salty like parm? is the basil flavor strong? i was reluctant on those, because lately i've been "off" of basil in the last year or two.
                                            (like i'm way over chipotle....even though i love smoked foods!).

                                            did you get the "golden gourmets"? when i order, i have to start with those. ;-).

                                2. Absolutely yes! They are in another world compared to the run of the mill Planters nuts. Absolutely wonderful flavor and incredible crunch. Worth the money to mail order

                                  1. Gourmet yes, Virginia, no Other states have equally good ones and Virginia Peanuts is becoming a semi trademark-type of thing like Champagne

                                    1. The Peanut Shop of Williamsburg is my favorite. They're kind of fried tasting with the surface a little blistered, but not burned, which makes them really crunchy and delicious.

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                                      1. re: turqmut

                                        that is how the peanut roaster's golden gourmets are made. reminder: iirc, sale only through end of february: buy one get one. discount code: BOGO

                                      2. Living in Virginia, I have to say yes, they're worth it! I like the Virginia Diner's but my faves are from Whitley's, in Williamsburg


                                        The peanuts are huge and their chocolate covered peanuts are to die for. However I was at Costco recently and found a huge tin of "Virginia" peanuts for an incredibly cheap price and they are really pretty good!

                                        1. I'm working my way through a three-pound tub of salted Virginia "blister" peanuts from Costco (I live in VA, so I can't promise these are available elsewhere). Holy crow, are they good. Huge, crunchy, and very tasty.

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                                            We live in OH and I bought these at costco and are making our way through the tub as well, they're great. I found some others in a smaller tin elsewhere that were crunchier, but these will do in a pinch.

                                          2. My favorite peanuts are the very, very small ones often sold in Chinese food stores. They are really no larger than raisins, but taste wonderful when lightly roasted. I don't know what they are called.

                                            1. Virginia peanuts are the best and they are available canned at Sur La Table.

                                              1. If you buy a big can, would smaller amounts in zip lock freezer bags keep the fresh flavor and crunch? I would think they would freeze well and would be great to grab for a quick snack.

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                                                  1. re: tomatoaday

                                                    Peanuts freeze very well. (I keep most nuts in the freezer all time)

                                                    1. re: Susan627

                                                      Well thanks to y'all I couldn't make up my mind since Im on some peanut binge I just ordered 3 orders from Hubs, Ferides, and Whitley's. Then I'll decide which will be the keeper.

                                                      Btw just curious susan627, you're freezing the peanuts "after" you opened them right? I assume sealed they should last almost forever.

                                                      1. re: zoey67

                                                        I have done both! I have a friend who likes unsalted pnuts, which I don't normally eat, so I keep them in the freezer for when she is here, sometimes after opening and sometimes before opening. I found if I dumped them in a ziplock and put the bag back in the tin and put in the freezer after opening, they'll last forever. Just keeping them in the pantry, well sealed, they do last for a while and you really don't need to worry about it at all if you eat them quickly (my problem!).

                                                        1. re: Susan627

                                                          Thanks susan for that. Ok well I received all 3 diff virginia varieties of roasted salted Hubs, Whitleys, and Feridies and here's what I found. The Hubs were the biggest and had the least amount of salt and I think were the most crunchiest of them. Now that didn't mean they were the best testing. Sorry to say but I could not really say which were the best since they all were so similar but all 3 were for sure better than planters or any you buy at grocery or walmart.

                                                          But what's interesting is that I found another virginia brand that nobody has mentioned in this thread and that is Royal Oak which I think maybe the best tasting one of them all. I've already placed a big order so I will report back next week to see if they are the best of the bunch.

                                                          1. re: zoey67

                                                            Now that I got the peanut thing down Im looking for the best hickory smoked almonds other than blue diamond so if anyone knows please post.

                                                            1. re: zoey67

                                                              i wasn't pleased as much with my royal oak purchase as my peanut roaster's golden gourmet peanuts.

                                                              1. re: alkapal

                                                                Ohh noo are you serious? I thought it was a no brainer since amazon had almost 5 star reviews from nearly everyone who posted. Interesting because peanut roaster is the only I have not ordered from. Guess I'll wait for the royal oak to see if you're right then I prob order some for them.

                                                                Btw an update on those brands so far I think Hubs is clearly the best and although not terrible or anything but Feridies is my least favorite which is ironic because they were the only one who had the words "world's best peanuts" on their label. Oh well, you live and learn that's the only way.

                                                                1. re: zoey67

                                                                  sometimes peanut roaster offers a buy-one-get-one-free deal. i'll post back here then. it is great to stock up and give them as hostess gifts during the holidays. they stay fresh well. i think it is better to get the smaller containers, unless you are going to be serving them at a lot of parties.

                                                          2. re: zoey67

                                                            Don't forget Plantation Peanuts - I like them better than Hubs....

                                                              1. re: jeanmarieok

                                                                Are you sure about plantation? someone from above post mentioned they were one of the inferior ones...

                                                        2. From my experience, if you want the best peanut then FERIDIES is tops. They used to be The Peanut Patch.

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                                                          1. re: finally_elot

                                                            I just finished my last tin out of 4 from Royal Oak, they were so additive. So far I think Hubs & Royal Oak is tops. Im all out so I just placed an order from Fastachi. I ordered some pistachios and cashews from them too so I'll report back couple months how that goes. Then I'll try Peanut roaster's golden gourmet next.

                                                            Sorry elot but I thought Feridies were not only the smallest but my least favorite from the ones I listed above. They were small, dry and just not that tasty as the others.

                                                            1. re: zoey67

                                                              Ok time for another post. I just bought 6 tins from the peanut roaster so alkaplal you were right all along. These are even better than Hubs and less expensive too. The reason why is because they were just as big as Hubs but they were seasoned better with salt.

                                                              So I've tried just about every brand now except for Plantation so I guess I'll to give that one a go although Iam very pleased with peanut roaster's at the moment. I just cleaned up a 22oz tin in less than a week. Btw Feridies was my least favorite, they were the smallest and just not in the same league in terms of freshness and bold flavor as peanut roaster or Hubs. Oh one more thing, I ordered some from Fastachi and they were terrible, just a total waste of money. They came inside these silly plastic bags with twisties so who knows how fresh they were but they were not good at all and I just gave them away to some homeless ppl.

                                                              Im now on to pistachios if anyone is interested. I just received 2 lbs of turkish pistachios and 2 lbs from Heart of the Desert from NM so I'll let you guys know if they ones from turkey live up to the hype. Fiddyment Farms is supposedly the best so Im just waiting for their free shipping special.

                                                              1. re: zoey67

                                                                hi zoey, i'm sure glad i looked on this thread today! ;^D.

                                                                once you're on peanut roaster's list, you'll be getting their sale offers -- although i haven't seen a buy one-get one offer in a couple of years now. maybe they don't need to do that anymore.

                                                                glad you loved the golden gourmets!

                                                                1. re: zoey67

                                                                  I am very interested in the pistachios you received from Heart of the Desert. I recently got an email from Santa Barbara Pistachios and started googling pistachio companies. Heart of the Desert was one that I was considering. Thanks for any input.

                                                                  1. re: Phoebe

                                                                    Well I was very disappointed with Heart of desert pistachios'. In some fairness I did buy couple from an ebay seller that received them as gifts. They were still sealed and unopened so that should not have affected their quality which was very average. In fact the ones you buy at Ralphs or Albertsons are better. The awesome pistachios are those little suckers from Turkey..expensive but sooo worth it. Incredible deep robust rich pistachio flavor I've never tasted before.

                                                                    Im out of peanuts so Im still on my quest for the perfect peanuts and I found another quality player Belmont peanus of Southhamptons so I'll order some from them and Aunty Ruby's...peanuts and cashews so I'll report back soon when I get them. So far Hubs, Royal oak, and the peanut roasters and all top notch.

                                                                    1. re: zoey67

                                                                      Well ladies & gents,..just when I thought I had tried all the major Virginia peanuts I stumbled upon this goldmine. Are you ready for peanut heaven??