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May 27, 2008 12:14 PM

Is it worth buying Virginia or other "gourmet" peanuts?

I'm looking to buy some good peanuts, and I've come across only a couple of recommendations. Are any of them actually worth the shipping costs? Any recs appreciated!

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  1. By all means....HUBS! Extra large Va. peanuts. I have always eaten the salted ones. Go to
    If you order a case, the shipping is more worthwhile. Not tried their other products. Some mail order peanuts are no different than Planter's, but these make nice client gifts when you get a case of the largest cans.

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    1. re: steakman55

      If you're in the south and are talking about buying peanuts from up north and having them shipped, no.

      Just kidding, of course. Supermarkets in the south have green peanuts by the pound. Lovely things, boiled.

      Yes, when I want wonderful, large, ultra delish peanuts, I order them online. Worth every penny.

      1. re: steakman55

        HUBS are some of the most amazingly delicious peanuts on the face of the planet: crisp, large, covered in delectable little "fry bubbles." My husband grew up just a few minutes from the factory, knows the family, and was raised on the things. I think they helped make him into the Yummy Man he became <g>.

      2. Try 'em and see. IMO, they're good, but not that good, when the shipping charge is more than the peanuts.

          1. In my experience, absolutely. I remember attending the Fancy Food Show at the Javits center one year, strolling for hours on end, and I didn't sample anything as memorable as the roasted Virginia peanuts. In my experience, when I've bought vacuum sealed peanuts in cans, such as Virginia Diner provides, I've been happy.

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            1. re: Dave Feldman

              VA Diner peanuts are delish, as are Hubs. Way better than Planters!

            2. definitely not worth it. not that they aren't good peanuts, but the bulk purveyors & green grocers in my area carry the exact same peanuts without the fancy can & label for far less money.

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              1. re: mark

                You're not in NY, are you.

                winedude, this is a good source:


                1. re: dolores

                  Give your local Williams-Sonoma a call. We found a package of Ferridies on the clearance table this past Saturday. Marked down to $3! Two big cans. They are flavored, one hickory and the other hot and spicy but for $3 couldn't pass them up(originally $30). Still very fresh and tasty.

                  1. re: HSBSteveM

                    i don't know what more i can add. i live in western north carolina, if that helps at all. i used to buy peanuts from various on-line sources. most were good. then one day i happened to check out the bulk peanuts at a local green grocer. looked identical to the ones i'd been ordering, but cost less. bought 'em, they were as good as the mail-order, and fresher. have since found them at most of the coops, green grocers, etc in my area. the only drawback is they don't carry different flavors; salted, unsalted & honey-roasted are about it, might come across a spicy one now and then.

                    1. re: mark

                      Right. But in NY, we have ziltch when it comes to the real thing.

                      A question for those in the know -- which compares to Feridies and is better than the others:

            , Mackey's, or Bertie? I'm not up to ordering some from each right now. TIA.

                      1. re: mark

                        We also live in western NC. We have found a great source for nuts, cheese, and lots of other things at a place called "Room Full of Nuts" Great prices on nuts, cheese and other bulk things.

                    2. re: mark

                      costco carries blister roasted virginia peanuts. it's the blister roasted part that's cool.